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Pop Art 2

No description

Marie Guilhem

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Pop Art 2

POP art What's Pop Art? Everyday objects to portrays elements of popular culture. OP artists focus on familiar image:
Billboard, comic book, magazine, advertisement products, celebrities
Main Idea Using element from reallifeto reject abstract painting
To break the line between commercial art and fine art. History A respond to the end of WWII, to the growing of materialism and a consummerism society ejects abstract ideas Start in England in 1950s first used by Lawrence Alaway in 1958 Post war work centured around consumerism and materialism why is pop art such a BIG hit? E End of WWII: a tool to respond to wealth and tha growing society ffer a more realistic point of view in Art where evereyone at every age can relate to ttract people with image that are combined with humor, criticism and a twist of irony. Thank You!! :)
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