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Nature vs Nurture

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Megan Suda

on 17 October 2014

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Transcript of Nature vs Nurture

Which parts of a human's personality are attributed from the nurture of that individual?
Which parts of a human's personality are attributed from the nature of that person and why does nature have a stronger influence than nurture?
Rat Study by Rosenzweig
16 different experiments testing environmental factors on rats

Randomly assigned to three cages Impoverished, lab, enriched

Standout enzyme acetylcholinesterase allows faster and more efficient impulse transmissions

Enriched had growth in movement, memory, learning and sensory input

Information Gathered From Rat Study
From the data gathered from the rat study, this expresses that the surroundings of the rat influenced how they grew.
There is evidence to support nurture being a huge portion of the influence of development.
The rats grew based on their surrounding and that is shown by the results of the data.
Nurture and Nature
The debate over nature verses nurture has equal points for each side and there is equal points supporting both sides.
To support one side of the argument, you must acknowledge both sides.
Results of the Twin Studies
The twins reared separately grew into very similar people, in their basic psychology and personality.
Nature vs. Nurture
Nature vs Nurture

Many behaviorists will argue that the way a person is raised influences their identity much more than the nature (genes) of a person.
People also will consider nature to be the dominant factor; that genes make a person who they are.
Are you a "Natural"?
Thomas Bouchard David Lykken
Set out to decipher whether nature or nurture was more dominant in the identity of a person.
Twin Studies
The twins reared together tested very similarly in likeness as the twins reared apart.
Minnesota Center for Twin and Adoption Research
Mono zygotic twins reared apart and together
Will the twins reared apart grow to be radically different people?
Work Cited

Hock, Roger R. Forty Studies That Changed Psychology: Explorations into the History of Psychological Research. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice Hall, 1995. Print.
Linden, David J. The Accidental Mind. Cambridge, MA: Belknap of Harvard UP, 2007. Print.
(Hock 25)
(Hock 24)
(Hock 24)
Which is more influential?
We have concluded that nature is the more influential aspect of shaping a humans personality.
Twin studies shows genes are dominant
Genes DRIVE selection of environment
Genes are with you from birth to death, environments and nurture change and so affects can be minimal
"Your genes drive your selection of environments..."
Parent's affection-affectionate child

Affectionate genes allow to receive
Self selected experience-"[The] selection is guided by the
steady pressure
of the genome"
(Hock 26)
(Hock 25)
"Researchers have found a genetic link to divorce" (Hock 26)
Divorce in genes
Divorce in environment
Genes allow person to be affected by the experience
Visual Cliff
Depth perception
Preprogrammed or learned?
The experiment
Animals vs humans
(Hock 13,14)
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