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haile middle enineeing cody c


cody c

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of haile middle enineeing cody c

The skilles gap in america is when millons of people need jobs and have none so Mike Rowe is trying to get those people in a job by doing a campain. My goals for the 2013 intro class is to work harder with my work and acutally do it on time. This is my spring that I designed in soild work.It tooked at
least 2-3 days and i meant my dead line i never met my dead line but this project was really easy. Thank You
For Watching
My Prezi PROJECT 1 YOU CAN SEE MY PREZI Project 2 This is my second project that i got off
you tube it doesn't really look like this. Something that i did on
my free time. Project 3 This is my Filter that i designed in solid works.
From a video that i got on . This is what oarphans painted at our school
Carlos.E Middle School. Bridge Terms 1.Compression- Alot of presure.

2.Dead Load- The permanent weight a of a structure.

3.Defleticon-The movement of a stucture when things go on top.

4.Force-A term for being pushed or pulled.

5.Live load-The amount or variable used to measure the amount of weight a structure has.

6.Movement-When a object goes from 1 place to another.

7.Shear-When moving a sketch into a new position.




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