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The Story of Our Lives

This is just the story of 2 ordinary girls wanting to keep a memory of their school years :)

Jessica KehByun

on 24 March 2016

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Transcript of The Story of Our Lives

Well..Hello There
Welcome! This prezi shows just the life of a couple of teens. There will be lots of secrets in this thing and maybe some funny things...I don't know something like tumblr posts? Well anyway, we hope you like it!
- Jessica &
The 8th Grade Timeline
The 7th Grade Timeline

"Flower Power"
Featuring: Daisy, Jessica
"Confucious Says: You A Little Bitch"
Featuring: Marlina
To most of us, 7th grade is the beginning of middle school. This is where things begin to get difficult. Harder classes, bigger school, more people, and over all a new life for many.

For us, it was challenge making it through. Especially with the drama that came with new people, but we are here to show you the beauty and fun times throughout that year.

We hope that you will also achieve what we might of achieved in this year if you haven't yet experienced it. If you have, relish those moments because you can learn something new from them, aside from being fun memories.
"The Huggable Nancy"
Featuring: Nancy, Galilea
This is our second and last year of middle school and that means that we only had one more year to make the best of it. Next thing you know, high school is right around the corner.

Now, don't think that because it's our last year and we're top dogs that it means we get to slack off. Honestly, it only gets harder from here.

Yet, throughout all the stress we made it through. Those two years are really worth it. These pictures may someday become old photographs, and these memories may be great stories one day. But, that feeling you get when you accomplish something as difficult as this. It is a feeling that is indescribable. Either way this year, to us, this year will always be a year to remember.
"Yeabook Gaaang"
Featuring: Leeza, Quoc, Jade, Isabel, Catalina, Cerra, Derek, Alex, Leah, Jessica, Nick, Kennedy, Brooke, Abbie, Carmina, Rediet, Dominique, Galilea, Sharon
"TYBG #squad"
Featuring: Abbie, Catalina
"Gang Signs All Day"
Featuring: Omar, Abbie, Dylan, Catalina, Kaitlyn
"The Lame Sisters"
"Potabbie and Galimato"
Featuring: Kelly, Galilea
Featuring: Abbie, Galilea
"Failed Photobomb?"
Featuring: Sean, Daisy, Galilea
"The Fab Five"
Featuring: Carmina, Leeza, Isabel, Quoc, Jade
"Awkward much?"
Featuring: Catalina, Abbie, Galilea
"I Have a Post-it On My Head, Deal With it"
Featuring: Jessica
"The Three Spazateers... yes, Spazateers"
Featuring: Abbie, Galilea, Catalina
"There's a squirrel on my head. Wait... it's just a tomato"
Featuring: Galilea, Abbie
Featuring: Galilea, Alex
"I Will Eat Your Face"
Featuring: Nick
"Watch Out! It's Juan Lopez..."
Featuring: Nick
Featuring: Will Smith
"Apple Juice For Days"
Featuring: Abbie
"The Infamous Woodshop Crew"
Featuring: Gavin, Brian, Galilea, Marlina, Jessica, Itzel
> What is this you may ask? It's the first ever drawing of 3rd period of 1st and 3rd term Woodshop Crew of course. We had a blast in this class. And if you didn't know (most likely not) those pictures are the person's symbol. The wrecking ball/Miley Cyrus = Gavin, the taco = Brian, the unicorn = Galilea, the fancy squid = Marlina, the Pikachu = Jessica, and the cat = Itzel. We drew a new one, but we have
yet to upload the new one.
"In-N-Out Bound"
"What The Fuck is Wrong With You"
"Too Fab 4 U"
> Just to let you know, I am a very hard worker. There are times when I want to have fun. But I'm a hard worker. Don't let the Post-It trick you. Oh and thanks Galilea for sneaking a picture of me without me knowing. THANKS!
Featuring: Galilea, Catalina
Featuring: Galilea, Catalina
Featuring: Kingsley
"But First, Let Me Take A Selfie."
Featuring: Victor, AJ, Joby, Brian
Featuring: Shaan
"No Eyes"
Featuring: Abbie, Galilea
"Banana Boss"
"Galilea and the Dopplegangers"
"The Majestic Kelly"
Featuring: Kelly
"The Chambers Fam Bam"
Featuring: Molly, Nick, Noor, Keylla, Jade
Featuring: Dylan
"Taking Over Galimato's IPod"
"Two Photogenic People"
"Lunch Squad"
Featuring: Austin, Jacob, Aaron, Dylan, Kelly, Galilea
"The Rare Potabbie"
"The Rare Galimato"
Featuring: Abbie
Featuring: Galilea
"The Taming of The Shrew Crew"
"Car Selfies"
Featuring: Galilea, Abbie
"I is the Paper Plate Queen!"
"Party Hard"
Featuring: Vanessa, Galilea, Catalina, Abbie
Featuring: Catalina, Galilea
"Dear People I Hate..."
Featuring: Kingsley
"One Direction Infection"
Featuring: Tumblr
About The Author
About The Author
What was Life in Middle School like for you?
What was Life in Middle School like for you?
What was your favorite thing about Middle School?
Author's Note
What was your favorite thing about Middle School?
Author's Note
Life in Middle School, for me, was like a roller coaster. There were ups and downs but the entire time I was having fun. Of course, there were scary parts like on a roller coaster. Like when I thought I was going to fail a class or get caught up in some drama, but there were also nice times. Like when I got to go on the School's field trip to Disneyland, or when I finally got to walk up to receive my promotion certificate. Life in Middle School for me was a challenge but it was also an adventure. (Cheesy, I know).
Featuring: Shaan
Featuring: Galilea, Jessica
Featuring: Shaan, Jessica
Featuring: Abbie, Catalina
Featuring: Jessica, Abbie
"Tower Of Terror"
Featuring: Random people, *bottom three people* Galilea, Catalina, Sinna
If I could describe middle school in one word, it would be life-changing. (Is that one word?) It was life-changing because I met SO many people that are now my best friends. Even though there is more school work and social drama, that's what makes middle school kind of fun. And who knows? You may even find the person you marry in the future haha. The main thing is though, to get through middle school, you have to be responsible and do your homework. If you do, you get to go on awesome field trips like to Six Flags and Disneyland! I even went to Chinatown! I wish the best of luck to the incoming 7th and 8th graders! Good Luck! (PS. If you're one of our friends you should drop a comment by haha.)
> Yearbook was more than just a class for us, together we became a family. We bonded, we helped each other through hard times and confusing times. We made long lasting friendships, we made bonds which shall never be broken, together we became one. Despite the bumps along the way, we always new that we could count on each other as one big family. Together we are the yerds of 2012-2013.
(yerd=yearbook nerd)
> Meet the fabulous Marlina Luz. Nutella Prince. Spandex Queen. Fancy Squid. MaMa Mar Mar. Judo Master. Dare I go on? She is a very good friend of ours. There are memories with her such as "Real talk with Marlina", or "Wishes In A Jar", or the "Cat Ears" and "Dripping Hair Bows". And with all these memories, came along a great friend.
> Well, this is Jessica and Daisy, the flower crown couple in Mr. Leonard's class of 2013-14. They had a weird relationship, which includes passing each other looks saying "Hey there bae!" or "What did you get on #4?". But that's what made the two special. Oh and don't mind the David in the background there. He just wanted to be in the picture I guess. Oh yeah, and this picture was taken on movie day, one of the last days of being with the incredible history teacher, Mr. Leonard. "Go! Hurry! RUN!"
> This is the Fab 5 of 2012-13 Yearbook Gang. They were amazing, pretty, and hilarious 8th graders that year. And that's what made them special to us. They made their mark in the yearbook team and that helped us make a great yearbook for the 2013-14 year. So kudos to them for being great and funny 8th grade friends!
My favorite part about Middle school was probably meeting all of the great friends I've made to this day. Meeting friends like them was probably the best thing that's ever happened to me. I know I can be honest with them and that they can be honest with me. They were genuinely the only thing that made me want to go to school. They made school worth it. They were there for me through thick and thin, through ups and downs, sad times and glad times, through crushes and heartbreaks, through laughter and tears, through everything. And to be honest, I couldn't have asked to be friends with anyone else but them because they are already the best.
"Remember that when you grow up and get famous and make lots of money, that it was all because.... of me." -Mr. Leonard; History teacher
> Meet Kelly and Galilea, the inseparable lame sisters. NO, they are not sisters by blood because
1) Kelly is asian and Galilea is Mexican and 2) because God could not handle them being in the same house together so he separated them into different families. Despite that, they are so close you might as well call them sisters. They have been best friends since 1st grade and intend to keep it that way. No one can come between them and they are and always will be the "Lame Sisters".
Featuring: Galilea
Featuring: Galilea, Jamey, Maricela, Amber, Graysen, Jessica, Sean
"We Hug Legs, We're the LegHuggers"
"Catabbie? Abbilina?"
Featuring: Catalina, Abbie
> This will most likely be every One Direction Fangirl, who spent their summer fantasizing about marrying Harry Styles, on the first day of 9th grade when we all must urn in our summer work. How do I know? Just watch it play out and the tell me I'm wrong.
> These two are almost inseparable, but they are still basic. Despite them being basic, they are still amazing friends in which you can always confide your trust in. But yes, they are still basic.
>Science joke: Is your Ph level 10?'Cause you're hella basic xD
> This is what we call a normal lunch at this middle school. Gangs come up from hiding and group together to through our gang signs to other gangs. There was this sign called the peace sign, there was the team-white-skin sign, the I-hate-my-face sign, and etc. But this is what made the school so much fun during lunch.
> This is Nancy. She was one of the most cheerful people who loved to give and receive hugs. Although, she would only give hugs if you were her friend and if she trusted you enough. Honestly, if I were giving out awards in this prezi, I would give her the Strongest Heart Award. Once you see her, you would think that she is the world's coldest and meanest girls out there. But like a lot of cliche stories, once you get to know her she will become the nicest person on the earth. She will back you up whenever you need help. Thanks Nancy! You're the best!
> Meet Alex, one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet. Yes there are times when he can be a bit of a meanie and tease you a bit to much but in the end he's very sweet. Thanks to Alex for always having our backs!
Author's Favorite Image and Why
Author's Favorite Image and Why
"Lunch Crew: Term 2 & 4"
Featuring: Indie, Dylan, Brian, Galilea, Jessica, Shaan
"Oovoo Time!"
"Eyes Give Off Different Emotions"
"I Swear It Is
"Chelfie During Class"
"Ya Know, Just Sittin' On Barrels"
"First Group Selfie in Disneyland!"
"Three Hatsketeers"
"Photoshoot at UC Berkeley"
"On Wednesdays, We Wear Pink!"
"Promotion Aftermath"
"Cutest Couple?"
"Galicorn and Jessichu"
"Ice Skating!"
"Futre Leaders... or NAH?"
"Failed Tumblr Photo"
Featuring: Jessica, Galilea, Dale, Marissa
"Shaan the Hippie"
"Oh...Hello There ;)"
"The Lamest People You'll Ever Meet"
Featuring: Ellona, Dominque, Jessica, Catalina, Chau, Daisy, Galilea
Featuring: Galilea, Jessica
Featuring: Derrius
Featuring: Kelly, Johnny
Featuring: Lisa, Abbie, Galilea, Catalina
Featuring: Marissa, Jessica, Catalina, Daisy
Featuring: Shaan,
Featuring: Galilea
Featuring: Shaan
Featuring: Galilea, Jessica
Featuring: Jessica, Galilea, Sinna
Featuring: Catalina, Abbie, Galilea
Featuring: Jessica, Galilea
Featuring: Catalina
Featuring: Nicole, Galilea, Jessica
Featuring: Jessica, Abbie, Galilea
Featuring: Galilea, Abbie, Lisa, Amber, Keylla, Jessica, Emily
Featuring: Galilea, Shaan, Jessica
Featuring: Vera, Peng, Jessica, Marissa
> Meet Nicholas a.k.a. Nick, or Nickles Pickles, NiNi, or maybe even Sir Bob Goat. Now, I know what you're thinking. "This boy is pretty weird, just look how he's sticking his tongue out". Welll, I want you to know that you are utterly, positively and absolutely... RIGHT. But, we love him anyways, he is apart of the family and he is an amazing friend.
> I introduce to you, Abbie the kawaii potato and Galilea the blushing tomato. These two are the bestest of friends and they can NEVER be separated. They love the same things, they fangirl with each other, and they can have a never-ending conversation together. Coming from me (Jessica), I ship these two <3.
> It was a just another regular day. People rushing to get to classes, passing along, but then... the unthinkable happened. A crime scene had been placed and there needed to be solving. Two investigators approached the scene and searched for clues as to what might've caused this terrible mess. Still, after hours, nothing had turned up. Time was catching up to them. If they didn't hurry up the Chief would have their heads. "We only have a few minutes left until the chief comes and kills us" one said. "I know, we have to look harder" the other said. Still, nothing. Several Minutes later a door was heard opening, as it echoed into the hallway. That was it, he was coming. He walked out towards them. His bubblegum pink hair flowing in the wind as his eyes squinted, towards the workers, behind his thick black-framed glasses. His black mustache twitched as he saw the workers with desperate expressions. His green bandana laid on top of his white buttoned up shirt, and his black suspenders. Finally, the screams we heard by the surrounding citizens... "Watch Out! Here Comes Juan Lopez!" Everyone knew that everything would be fine...
> It was the day of our school's annual celebration. Galilea decided to drop by and grab a cone. Although they seem awkward with each other, they are still like the three blind mice. It was great seeing each other after the school day ended. Who knew being back to school after school hours could be so much fun!
> Once again, the Three Spazateers apear! Now they have matching yearbook t-shirts to go along with the blue tape that was pasted on their cheeks. I don't think they can ever be apart from one another!
> Whenever in doubt, swerve it out.
> It's Movie Day in the yearbook gang. So Jessica and Abbie appear to take over Galilea's IPod and spam it with selfies of them. Rise of the Planet Potabbies and Jessichus! (Coming to theaters near you XD)
> As much as I want to believe that this was Shaan's first selfie, it isn't. Although it is pretty good, despite the photobomb thanks to the girl. And just stare at the pouty lips that Shaan has. Just look at it...just look at it! You cannot deny that face!
> It's another selfie of Abbie and Galilea, but something is off. Oh yeah, their EYES are not there. But that is what makes the photo unique. Without the eyes, you can focus more on the signs their making. Not that the signs mean anything bad. *wink wink nudge nudge sizzle sizzle what what*
> What's that? A tomato. A crazy funky junky tomato. It's on my head, made my hair messy. Try to look good and dandy. We've been there and we haven't done that. We see right through that funky fruit. You never know where they can appear from. I mean I hav- *Words get cut off from an attack from a tomato*
> Galilea and Daisy wanted to take a regular group picture together, but seems that they couldn't have that now could they? Nope, Sean had to go and photo bomb. That's okay, just expect payback...
> Here is simply what you would call fangirl aftermath. They had just returned from watching 1D: 3D and they were in such a good mood that they decided they needed a selfie spam . That selfie spam just so happened to be at In-N-Out.
> If you still don't know who this adorable girl is, this is Abbie the potato. In this picture, maybe being tired of being a potato. She becomes an apple through the powers of her apple juice.
> Late night selfies are a must, and so it had been done. Why the westside sign? Well, maybe they wanted to be chola. Maybe that was the first thing that came to mind. The world may never know. But what the world does know is that whatever they do, they do it together.
> Ahh, the photogenic girls have made another appearance. Look at those adorable smiles. And don't forget to look at Abbie's dimple! Am I being to wierd? I don't think so...but if you ever get the chance to meet these girls, don't forget to at least take a picture with them. It will be worth it!
"Soccer for the Win"
Featuring: Galilea, Abbie
"The First Dance"
Featuring: Vera, Dean
> Now isn't this cute. This is one of the dances that our school had and the theme was Welcome Back Dance. On the right is Dean and on the left is Vera. I honestly think they were dating before they came to middle school. And they are like the bestest friends. But I think Vera is the guy in this relationship. Oh well, they still look cute together because they are always so shy when they are together.
There were a lot of things that I loved about middle school. But the most favorite thing about it was that I met A LOT of new friends that I never even knew I'd make. I know if you ask other people this, they also might say that they made a lot of new friends also. But I have a special reason why. They are literally the reason why I still am living. Without them, I honestly could have been dead by now because I always thought that I wasn't wanted in the world and it would be all gone if I had just done something bad to myself. And it was because of all the complicated problems in my life. But whenever I just think of them they would always push me on no matter what problem arose from my life. And what would they think if I was gone. So yeah, that was very deep in a way, but that's why my favorite thing about middle school is meeting all the new people who eventually become you friends forever.
The Freshman Year Timeline
> The Chambers Fam Bam. Here we have 3 members of the Chambers fam bam and two friends. Member number one, Nick a.k.a. the creator of the chambers fam bam. He is the weird, annoying big brother that is willing to stand up for us all at the same time. Next we have Keylla a.k.a "Juan" considering how proud she is to be mexican and she loves being stereotypical of her own race. She is the short one of the family but she's got a big heart. Next we have Noor, the adorable, funny, nice little sister who loves calling herself "smexy". Like, seriously, she has a problem. But we lover her anyways! Then we have Molly and Jade, two amazing sevies who might as well be apart of the family. Other members of the Chambers Fam Bam are Galilea, and Abbie.
(sevies= 7th graders)
> Catabbie? Abbilina? I don't know which one sounds better but either way that doesn't stop the meaning of these two being the best of friends. They might as well live under the same roof because these two girls cannot live without each other. They support, help, and love each other and that is what makes their friendship so strong. They've been through a lot with each other and together they only make each other's lives better.
> Oh Kelly, this is why you should never trust Galilea... Oh well. It's too late for that now isn't it. Of course we have Kelly here being tumblr but with a bit of a twist? But I mean, come one, don't tell me you didn't smile when you saw this picture.
> You know and Galilea and Jessica already right? They are the creators of this prezi! But maybe you still don't know about Vera, Jessica's doppleganger. Jessica and Vera are known to be the dopplegangers of their generation. Friends from both girls always confuse them for one another. Jessica would always be called Vera and Vera would always be called Jessica. They've had this happen to them so many times, now they are both used to being called their "twin's" name. But seriously if they walk side by side and their back is facing you, you seriously wouldn't know who was who.
> Many of you probably don't know but Galilea has a Cat. Her name is Catalina. She first adopted her in the year of 2012 and ever since then Galilea decided to keep her. Galilea and her Cat became best friends that year. The only thing with her Cat, is that she likes to hug people's legs....
> This is "Tina WolfGang" (or Dylan), Galilea's twin. He is so cool that he has a cat named Tina. Tina is love. Tina is life. Tina is icy. Tina is fab. Tina is Tina. End of story.
Featuring: Galilea, Jessica, Vera
> Who can deny the amazingness that is Kingsley. I mean, who else would have the guts to speak his mind about stuff like this. He's hilarious and you should go check out his Youtube channel
> http://www.youtube.com/ItsKingsleyBitch
How did it feel like being freshman of your high school?
What was your favorite part of being a freshman?
How did it feel like being freshman of your high school?
What was your favorite part of being a freshman?
> You ever have those moments when you feel like it's the perfect time to take a selfie? I guess that's how these guys felt.. Of course they stole Galilea's camera and had to take a selfie but hey it turned out okay, right? "I was about to stop them- *cue music* but first, lemme take a selfie!" -famous last words of Galilea.
> Potabbie's a very rare. They only live in their natural habitat, school. They thrive on music and feed of sweets. If you are ever to encounter a Potabbie, be cautious for a Potabbie can be deadly and kill a man just by looking at them. You know how? Because she's freaking perfect! Potabbie's are have big brown eyes that with one look, will persuade you to do her bidding. She also has dimples that when she smiles, you too will end up smiling for no apparent reason. Potabbie's make amazing friends and even better sisters. So if you actually are to encounter one, keep them close, for you will find no better Potabbie.
The Sophomore Year Timeline
The Junior Year Timeline
The Senior Year Timeline
Featuring: Alex, Chau, Johnny, Dean, Nancy, Kelly, Nicole, Shaira
Featuring: Alex, Chau, Shaira, Nancy, Kelly, Nicole, Jenifer, Johnny, Omar, Dylan, AndSomeDudeWeDon'tKnow
Featuring: Omar, Jessica
Featuring: Emily
Featuring: Amber, Abbie, Emily, Galilea, Lisa
Featuring: Amber, Abbie, Jessica
Featuring: Salsa Cupcake
Featuring: Amber, Lisa, Emily, Galilea
Featuring: Galilea, Catalina
Featuring: Dale
Featuring: Lisa, Keylla, Amber, Abbie, Galilea
Featuring: Brian, Jesstine, Daisy, Jessica
Featuring: Emily, Keylla
Featuring: Marissa, Peng
Featuring: Emily, Jessica
Featuring: Galilea, Jessica
Featuring: Victor, Jessica
Featuring: The Disney Castle
Faturing: Marissa, Catalina, Ellona, Chau, Kayleah, Vera, Nancy
> This is what every girl says to at least another girl in their life. I bet you did too. Don't deny it.
> This was a very special day. This was the day of Galilea's birthday party. She didn't want a big birthday party so she simply invited a few close friends over. Despite it was a small party, it was just as fun and everyone had an amazing time.
> The picture can explain everything. Shaan is a boss ass banana bitch, bitch, bitch. I'm sure you at least remember him. If not, he's in the upcoming photos. Don't worry, he's still the banana boss. ;)
> This is another part of the lunch squad. Trust me we are normal. But depends on what your definition of normal is. This lunch squad always hang out together during 2nd and 4th term at the science hall. It was good while we lasted guys. This group was the most hilarious group out of all the cliques out there.
> Over the school year of 2013-2014, in this language arts class, the group to perform Shakesphere's
Taming of The Shrew
was created. The group was created by the language arts teacher herself. The lady in the picture wasn't her though, she was the helper that came all the way from Britain to help us with our part of the play. Galilea = King Baptista, Jamey = Katherine, Maricela = Bianca, Amber = Lucentio, Graysen = Tranio, Jessica = Hortensio, Sean = Gremio. If you haven't watched the play, go watch it now on the website link below. We played the very first scene!
>Who doesn't love a little car selfies? Obviously no one. Don't quote me on that... but either way Galilea and Abbie just couldn't resist the urge. Car selfies are pretty awesome, you have to admit, they give you amazing lighting and your protected from the eyes of strangers seeing you taking a selfie.
> ___
> "It doesn't matter!"
> If you haven't noticed already, we are VERY normal. This was during one of the last days of being with our history teacher. He had given us paper plates to use to hold our donuts in, but we dcided to make good use of them afterwards. And this is the conclusion of what we did. We had many ideas to put on the plate. We had the flower crown, the kawaii mustache and beard, the pringles mustache and beard, and many more.
> Just like the species of the Potabbie, this one called the Galimato is also very rare in the habitat of school. Once encountered with one, make sure you never mention of what is called "cookies". Although, if that is mentioned, then hell will break lose. HA no, just kidding. But she will make you a friend no matter what. And when she does she will bring you into her world of the internet. She can make you fangirl when she fangirls, she can make you forget anything you just said, with one glare from her. Aside from all that, she is loyal if you are nice to her. She will smile and laugh and joke around with you whenever she has the chance. And finally, take a selfie with her. She loves that.
> Jessica is Galilea's Boo and Galilea is Jessica's bae. It was a regular day in P.E. when the girls decided they need some nicknames for each other. After Jessica had watched a vine , the girls decided on a little chant. "#Boo" Galilea would say. "#Bae" Jessica would say back. "#YOYOUIZMAHBAE" they would yell together. With that, the chant had been locked in and chosen.
"People During 1st Lunch"
"More People..During 1st Lunch"
"Hey Jessica, Hey Omar"
"The Fantabulous Emily"
"Tin Can Challenge"
"Flower? Flour."
"Salsa Cupcake"
"In a White-Pedo-Van"
"Only Got 20 ft. Into The Ride"
"There's Nothing To See Here"
"This is Dale"
"Most of Asian Xhilaration"
"I See You, Put Them Down"
> 3 members of the Lunch Squad decided to go out to watch a movie together, Captain America. It was a very good movie, all the action and random jokes thrown here and there. But before that, they had gone out to eat at In-and-Out. Honestly that place is the bomb.com, the fries are like to die for. Anyway, Shaan does suck in getting into a car. Props to you Shaan haha.
"Welcome To Disneyland!"
"Well, Things Got Messy REAL Quick
"What Even"
"California Adventure!"
"There Is White Stuff on My Face"
"Hey guys, let's all blindfold Galilea!"
> Yep, these kids are the future leaders of America. No doubt about that. But tell you what, these kids are the smartest things out there right now. Even though they may be dumb and stupid in some ways, but these kids were born in 2000. They know most about the economy in a teen's perspective and from an adult's perspective. Maybe most teens this generation won't understand, but they will grow up to someday lead this economy to a successful one. Who knows what they future they make will hold? Well? Let's just wait and see!
> Well let's see, what is there to say about this picture. Well first of all. Everyone's faces are priceless. From making silly faces, to being caught off guard, to raising your hands, to even something as simple as a peace sign or a thumbs up. There is an infinite amount of happiness emitting from this photo. It only made things better that it was spent in Disney's California Adventure: Hollywood Towere of Terror.
> Yeah don't mind them. This is what they do during the free time they have during lunch. Let's see who where shall we? Starting on the far right is Shaan, the one who can't properly get in a car. But hey hes funny and awesome so props to him. the girl next to him is Jessica, the one addicted to Pikachu. She's a major fan of Kpop and shows it through her dancing covers. The next two are Galilea and Brian, the most normal out of the group. Who am I kiddding? They are the most chill out of the group. Both funny and talented in their own ways even though at some times they can get really weird.
> So here's the story, Galilea and Jessica were walking down from school and they both found small daisies on the grass. Jessica had a great idea and picked out the ones she thought looked best. Galilea had a braid so she though, "Why not put it in her hair?" So she did. And this is the result of the failed tumblr photo.
> It was January and it w Catalina's birthday! So to celebrate Catalina and her friends went shopping and ice skating right after. Many of the girls were new to ice skating so they fell a lot. Mostly Jessica, but hey that's how humans learn right? It was a great day for ice skating too, they made a lot of memories. They even went back to Catalina's house to have pizza and a karaoke night. Some might've even got "drunk" from drinking too much thai tea.
> Here is another photo of Galilea and Jessica the unstoppable force of fangirling. This is when Galilea found out that the iPhone had filters, and of course she loved chrome the best. It just brightens the photo. This is also a very good picture because of Jessica's pose and Galilea's smile. So your argument is invalid. Have a nice day!
> This is seriously the cutest couple in the entire school because of three reasons. One, she likes him. Two, he likes her. Three, THEY ARE NOT A COUPLE YET. Yeah, I know it's amazing how the world works. Apparently, they both won't admit to the public that they like each other. But hey, they are the cliche "I-don't-know-about-love-couple" But we all still love them to bits and pieces. It's just makes them the cutest couple. Even though they are not.
> Meet the lamest people you'll ever meet. Seriously. You can say a funny pun and they would be the only ones not laughing because they don't get it. But you have to admit, they are funny at times to because of their 4D-personality,
> This is what happens when you leave girls and an iPhone together in a dance room. May I add, FULL OF MIRRORS. They take a massive amount of group selfies on the owner's iPhone. So my condolences to them.
> After the tiring and hot hours of the morning, these four girls come together at one's house and celebrate the ending of their middle school life. Who wouldn't? But look at those dresses aren't they cute? Never mind that, but talk about tumblr status.
> Yes, we actually made a reference to
Mean Girls
. I mean on a serious note, that movie is the epitome of all stereotypical school groups. And so to celebrate this school had made a regular Wednesday day into a day where it is specially just for this famous movie. If you haven't watched it yet, watch it on Netflix! It's out!
> This was before the movie date with Galilea, Jessica, and Shaan. They had a little time before they actually went to the movie theatre so why not stop at Old Navy. Galilea found these super cute sunglasses and Jessica found this super cute beanie. Talk about Mean Girls fanboy.
> After long hours of being stuck in a bright yellow bus, the Asian Association club finally arrives at there destination at UC Berkeley. And the first thing to do, is take very candid photos. So they had done a photoshoot with the most photogenic person they thought of. Catalina. This was the photo that everyone thought was the best.
> This is Derrius. This is his serious face. End of story
> This is what happens when you have an iPhone in your backpack and you have free time during class. You take freaking chelfies. Don't mind the stickers. It represents both Jessica and Galilea. But look at the smile and then the duck face. You just can't right?
> It's another photo from the movie trip. But while staying and Old Navy, we got pretty bored. So the three took baby hats and did the cliche person tower in front of a mirror. You have to admit this picture looks cool.
This is it. It's the start of the 4 most important years of your life. And just like we said before, it only will get harder. But that's just the tip of iceberg. Once you get deeper into the year, you'll understand that it's meant to get hard. The staff are preparing you for the rest of your life. So how will you plan out your future?

For some, they will take this year for granted because it's only the start of high school. But if you want to get into a good college, you better not take it for granted because they will look at how you did in this year. Even people who are hiring will look at this.

So make this year one of the best years because this is where you find out who you really are, who your true friends are, and what future is right in front of you.
> It's Disneyland! Jessica, Marissa, Vera, and Peng get together to get a good look around Disneyland before they get to ride some awesome and thrilling rides. And they only have one day to do it. So first, they take their first group picture at Disneyland to start their adventurous adventure.
On the first day of being a freshman was pretty weird but fun at the same time. The school day started later in the morning so people could find their classes first. But seeing the whole school was a big "WOW". It was so big that I didn't even walk the whole perimeter of the school. And when more and more teens came in, I felt small. After being the 'top dogs' of middle school, you had to go through it again with high school. And let me tell you, being with the 17 year old students scare the poop out of me. I would always shy my way around them if they got to close. But when I got used to walking around school, I got comfortable. And the sophomores were so nice in helping me around so that helped a lot. Overall, it was scary at first, but once the year goes by, you'll see what it's really like in high school. Just fun and challenging. Not like the typical hell in high school movies.
> One word. Two syllables. BARRELS. Never underestimate the power of the barrels. And also, NEVER, underestimate the power of barrels when two queens are sitting on it. So I welcome you, Queen Catalina and Queen Galilea. Looking out in this distance is definitely the most overpowering thing ever. So that's why they posed like that. But hey, it never hurts to sit on a barrel and act like queens.
> It was spring time okay? We had to. Flowers are blooming and the sun is out shining bright. We pulled out flowers from the tree right outside the school gates and took a selfie with it. I mean why not? Even though we don't really know the name of the flower. It's still beautiful.
> Three girls. Six eyes staring right at you. Each one of them giving off different emotions. Nicole with the look of "Hey, hey, hey, hey. Hey you. Yes you. Hello der. How is you?". Galilea with the look of "Hi! My name is Galilea and I love puppies and ponies." Jessica with the look of "*Insertgasphere* Did you just do that? You just did that. Oh mah gawd. Oh lordy, help this child." I mean it's still a great picture. It deserves a reward. The OMG Award. Yes that's it.
> It was Jersey day and these two girls just love the sport of soccer. It didn't matter that the two best friends liked different teams. As long as they were wearing jerseys together, everything was just fantastic. And since it was on a spirit day, it just made everything better to see everyone else showing off their spirit too. But speaking of sport teams, what team are you on?
> Finally! Were you wondering where the first lunch people were after seeing a ton of pictures from the second lunch people? Well, here they are. Yes, they are fantasticly fantabulous (Yes a new word. Deal with it). This is were all the normal people are at and no, that's not all of them. There is more unlike the people from second lunch. Just wait for it.
> This is their thing. Whenever in each other's presence it always a "Hey Jessica" and "Hey Omar" with tilting up their heads in a fabulous way. It's said almost daily. If you were there, you get annoyed. Like most people that sat around them. Condolences to the people who sat around them.
> This is our version of Russian Roulette. It's with the amazing cupcakes that our friend Lisa made. Thing is, each cupcake is topped of with a mysterious ingredient, like this salsa cupcake. Which tasted really bad. If you are up to the challenge then why not try it?
P.S. Don't ever make a cupcake with mustard or ketchup in it. You WILL throw up. Trust us.
> Title says it all. We were only 20 ft. into this ride until is stopped functioning. We had to get out and wait an hour until we got fixed. But when we left we never came back because of the long line. But that's normal, I mean it's Disneyland. What do you expect?
> This is Asian Xhilaration. A dance and management team from the school (including Jessica who took the picture). We had some time to roam around the campus of the college so we took some photos of ourselves around the campus. It's a totally normal picture by the way.
Honestly, the first day of school wasn't so much scary but more on the awkward side. My first class was Algebra 2 and there were other students in different grades, even seniors. I had to get my ID card so I was running late and then I couldn't find class. I walked into class with all their eyes staring at me at it was quite awkward. The rest of my classes were better though. My French teacher spoke pure french for the first 15 minutes of class, but you know
not awkward *sarcasm*. My Biotech class was the best of them all. It was a small class, but filled with people I knew. English was somewhat awkward. Handing in my summer work and then taking a test on the first day of school about a book I was supposed to read but didn't... hehe. Although my first experience was pretty awkward, it was also pretty amazing. I met new people, even sophomores and juniors and seniors. In the end, everything was alright, and I knew they were only going to get better.

All we did was play russion roulette but with some cupcakes with weird fillings. After getting some horrible stuff in our taste buds like salsa, ketchup, and mustard, we decided it was time to have some more fun with cupcake tag. At the end, turns out no one came out clean. Everyone got dirty.
This was the day right before our Disneyland trip. Abbie, Galilea, and Jessica were packing their belongings for the amazing trip. And doing it together through oovoo seemed like a great idea.
> Ah, there they are. The other people from first lunch. And to be honest, I don't know what else to say. They are a pretty normal bunch. There's nothing particularly wrong with them, just that they are friends with the second lunch people lol.
But everyone is loves here, except the
>So...this is what happens when you get an answer wrong at a party. You get messed up, And by messed up I mean flour in your face, eggs in your hair, honey down your back, and a ketchup mustache. Oh dear lord.
> LOOK AT HER. ISN'T SHE SO ADORABLE. AND THAT POSE. IT'S JUST SO UGH. If she asks for something, you just cannot say no to this face. It's too irresistible.

> Imagine eating something and you have no clue what it is. This is the tin can challenge. Even though it was horrifying to put the spoon in your mouth, it was very much fun. And the food was especially delicious too, except for the beans. Definitely not the beans.
> This is Dale. He is a boy. Scratch that. A kid. That is Dale. Oh lordly lord. This being at the 8th grade barbeque of course all the kids went wild. Especially Dale at this inflatable. Isn't he something
> So turns out that we aren't supposed to have this much fun at church school. But hey why not. These are the people who make being in class even more fun. Who would've known? And don't mind Brian and his stickers, it's somewhat his fetish.
> Here is Galilea and Jessica once again. And this time, these two are traveling to UC Davis to perform a Shakespear original, "The Taming of the Shrew."
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Jessica's Island
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