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Kris Allen

No description

Sierra Ramirez

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Kris Allen

kris allen childhood 06.21.1985 born in jacksonville, arkansas education Attended University of central arkansas went to jacksonville high school Work and achievements The 8th person to win american idol "No boundaries" and his version of "heartless" both charted up to top 20 on Billboard's hot 100. released album which debuted at #11 on billboard's top 200 single "live like we're dying" #18 in u.s. philosophy and life "i don't mind, i think that's how i went through the competition as well. i did my thing and it worked out. and that's how i'm going to do my music career. i'm just going to do my thing, what i like to do, and hopefully it'll work out."
- kris allen the only thing i want to do is just be respected in the music industry... and whether it means selling albums or winning grammy's, or people just liking your music. that's what i really want to do."
- kris allen why i chose this person... I chose kris allen because I like his music. I also like how he didn't try to pretend he's someone he's not on the show or real life, and also because he's an example that you don't have to different than who you are, you just have to be yourself. collage "If I just had one word to describe this experience it would be nuts! It's just nuts from going to a happily married guy into the music industry and this crazy world of entertainment. but in the end I get to do what i like to do and that's make music. that's the thing that has always driven me."
- Kris Allen attended university of central arkansas ATTENDED UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL ARKANSAS
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