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New York Stock Exchange Timeline

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Henry Bould

on 9 January 2014

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Transcript of New York Stock Exchange Timeline

October 29, 1929
May 17, 1792
New York Stock Exchange Timeline
May 17, 1792
24 Stockbrokers met underneath a Buttonwood tree
these men needed a plan to handle the enormous increase in stock and bond trading
They formed the Buttonwood Agreement, now known as the New York Stock Exchange
For stockbrokers it was a dream come true
from 1925-1929the avergae price of common stocks on the New York Stock Exchange more than doubled
referred to as the roaring 20's
the 20's encouraged people to buy stocks on margin
October 19, 1929
Later nicknamed "black Tuesday"
on this day the stock market fell over 14 billion dollars
in one day, the United States lost more capital than it had spent in all of WWI
the beginning of the great depression
most severe economic crisis in american history
between 1932 and 1933 is the peak of unemployment rate
about 1/3 of the national labor force were out of work
"Curb-Trading" officially became the American Stock Exchange
following the great depression the SEC and FDIC were created to protect peoples money and to lay down market rules and punish in case of any violation
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