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Among the Hidden

No description

Lisa group

on 12 May 2010

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Transcript of Among the Hidden

Goup Members-
Lisa Rockwell
Carolyn Small
Rachel Garcia
Johnny Mora
Yesenia Varela
Kevin Perez Brief Plot-
Issues- Fallacies-
Evidence- Assumptions- Tone-
Should gov. be able to contol population growth?
Is death the answer to population control?
Should the gov. control production & distribution of agricultural products?
Is it ever right for a citizen to break the law knowingly, even if it meant protecting their family?
Should the gov. have control over the liberty of its citizens?
How much control should the gov. have over its citizens? -Ad Populum-
All of Jen's friends are going to the rally, and so should Luke, everyone is doing it!
-Slippery Slope-
Luke thinking that if Jen goes to the rally she will get caught by gov. then killed, so dont go to the rally!
"I will never be able to go outside again" Luke

"There not going to do anything to a crowd of a thousand, especially not when lots of us are related to Gov. officals. We'll make them listen to us. We're a revolution!" Jen ~Intuition~
Luke tried to stop Jen, he knew if they went to the rally they would get killed.
~Personal Experience~
Luke only knew of his families way of life until he met Jen.
Suspensful, Sentimental, and Intriguing
In a society that allows only two children per family, Luke is a third child, a “shadow child.” He’s illegal, strictly forbidden. So he stays hidden, alone most of the time and frightened all of time. Then one day he discovers another shadow child, Jen, living in one of the fancy new houses that the government built behind his family’s farm. Luke and Jen quickly become friends, but Jen is bold and daring and she wants more than companionship from Luke. She wants him to be a crusader, another third child willing to risk everything for freedom.
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