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Mississippian Food And Clothing

This prezi describes the food and clothing of the mississippians

Yasmin Nazer

on 3 May 2013

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Transcript of Mississippian Food And Clothing

Brief Introduction Additional Facts The Mississippians believed that the Three Sisters grew together as one plant. They believed that one couldn't grow without the other.
THe boys would have to wear a skirt.
Their emperor would wear different clothing so that The Mississippians could identify them. By: Yasmin Nazer The Mississippians Food The Three sisters: corn, beans, and squash.
They used them because they were the three easiest foods to grow.
The Mississippians made the three sisters one of their most common meals. Clothing The Mississippians clothing looked a bit different than other tribes clothing.
The reason for this is because they lived closer to animals, so they had more of a mix. Here is a comparison: Contents Food
Additional Facts
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