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Al Qaeda Powerpoint

No description

Melissa U

on 11 April 2013

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Transcript of Al Qaeda Powerpoint

Finally Al Qaeda History Founded between August 1988 and 1989
Founder: Osama Bin Laden
Where: Peshawar, Pakistan
Why: Emerged to combat the Soviet Union and to promote Islam
Who: Afghan Veterans and radical Muslims Methods Suicide Attacks
Assassinations Organization Hierarchical Structure
Small Groups
Clusters of Cells
Usually do not know their leaders Success Deemed the most successful terrorist organization
September 11, 2001
Ability to attack the world's superpower
Monetary costs, clean up, preventive measures, war
Media attention Financing
Al Qaeda Myths of Al Qaeda financing Financing comes from the personal assets of Bin Ladin
Al Qaeda supports itself from the international drug trade
Al Qaeda supports itself through trading blood diamonds
Al Qaeda has the backing of any state •The origins of Al Qaeda financing Trace back directly to the extensive recruitment and financing networks established during the Soviet/Afghani conflict. Origins of financing These networks made extensive use of Muslim charitable organizations and businesses around the world. 3 major sources of funding Muslim charities
Criminal activities mostly in the form of fraud
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