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13 Reasons Why: Soundtrack

No description

Briana Nordine

on 30 October 2014

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Transcript of 13 Reasons Why: Soundtrack

Kiss Me- Sixpence None the Richer
I chose this song because I think it is perfect for the scene with Hannah’s first kiss with Justin. In the first cassette, Hannah describes her encounters with Justin, their witty conversations, and how they used to tease each other up to their first kiss. Hannah would dream about the kiss with Justin and how it would all play out at the park. The execution of her first kiss was supposed to be perfect and completely innocent. I think this song describes her perfect first kiss.

Fall- He Is We
This song represents when Hannah first heard the rumors about herself. Hannah's reputation completely changed based on her first kiss. Her breathtaking memories of the first kiss were ruined by the rumors Justin began telling. He spread rumors to make himself look better but it gave Hannah an unshakable reputation. Hannah feels betrayed by someone she trusted. The song even states, " So long, now I was betrayed with a kiss." This is just the beginning of the snowball effect for Hannah.
Here Comes the Sun- The Beatles
This song reminds me of Hannah's meetings with Alex, and Jessica at Monet's. During this time she becomes "friends" with these two and forms a group at this diner. They are able to laugh and get away from their troubles. In the song, The Beatles sing, "Little darling, the smile's returning to their faces. Little darling, it seems like years since it's been here," In the story, Hannah, Alex, and Jessica, were able to enjoy themselves and smile while it lasted. They were able to find comfort in each other at their coffee shop table.This was one of the few 'happy' moments Hannah was able to experience.
Everybody's Fool- Evanescence
I chose this song because I think it represents how Hannah thought of Courtney and her fake kindness. Courtney was a beautiful popular girl that everyone admired. What they refused to see, was that Courtney was just putting on a show to uphold her image. This song describes how Hannah completely exposed Courtney at the party for being a fake. The song says, "You don't know how you've betrayed me. And somehow you've got everybody fooled." This relates to how Courtney betrayed her as a friend and yet everyone still sees her as the perfect person. This relates back to how Hannah says that the kids don't understand what their actions have done to her and everyone lives their lives as if nothing was wrong.
Give It All- He Is We
This song describes how Clay and Hannah begin to connect for the first time at a party. They had so many words they wanted to tell each other, yet they couldn't gain the courage to say they needed each other. Clay did change a part of Hannah on the inside because he actually listened to her when she talked. Unfortunately this scared Hannah into pushing Clay away from her. The lyrics, "Tell me it’s not over now, I can change your mind somehow" describe with what Clay was feeling as Hannah made him leave the room.
It Ends Tonight-All American Rejects
This song perfectly describes how Hannah kept pushing Clay away because she just wanted to be alone. The lyrics also really fit with Hannah's last couple of days alive. She wants it all to end but she has to have all the right reasons before she goes through with the plan. The lyrics "A falling star, at least I fall alone. I can't explain what you can explain. You're finding things that you didn't know." refers back to how Hannah says that people don't understand what their actions do to others, and they're the only ones who can explain what they have done.

13 Reasons Why: Soundtrack

"Guilt is what you feel when you have done something wrong
Guilt is something you feel when someone dies
Guilt is something you feel when you lie about something
Guilt is something you feel when you know somebody is doing something they shouldnt be doing
Guilt is sometimes the way life takes you through the ups and downs"
Breathe Me-Sia
This meaning of the song completely fits Hannah's feelings at the point where she decides to talk to Mr. Porter. At this point she wants someone to understand how she feels. To walk in her shoes and feel her pain so she knows she's not alone. She is barely hanging onto the idea of life and needs someone to be there for her. To say all the right words that will change her mind.
Boulevard Of Broken Dreams- Green Day
I chose this song because it reminded me of how Hannah felt so alone through the book. She felt as if she was walking the path of destruction herself and that no one would be able to help her. I think she felt this way because no one took the time to understand her and because she was used to dealing with everything on her own. But she still wishes someone would be there for her. The lyrics "sometimes I wish someone out there will find me," relates to how Hannah wishes to have a friend but keeps pushing Clay away.
Sinking Man- Of Monsters and Men
I chose this song because the beginning lyrics, "Cold, dark sea
Wrapping its arms around me,
Pulling me down to the deep.
All eyes on me." reminded me of how Hannah was surrounded by rumors. They controlled her life. In a way the rumors were drowning her while everyone else watched. The lyrics, "I pushed you away. Although I wished you could stay.So many words left unsaid,But I'm all out of breathe." also reminded me of how Hannah wanted someone to help her. But she never said anything because she had already given up.

One Day Too Late- Skillet
I chose this song because I think represents the end of the book very well. " Now I've made my mind up. Today I'm gonna try a little harder," Describes how Clay felt when he saw Skye walking by herself in the hallway. He realizes that Hannah had been the same way but it is too late to save her. Therefore he needs to make a change. This time he is going to try harder and become the friend Skye needs.
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