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Effects of Advertising Presentation

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Desiree crawford

on 7 May 2015

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Transcript of Effects of Advertising Presentation

Effects of Advertising Presentation
By Desiree Crawford

i think campaigns have been presented to inform the public that the images we see are supposly true. When we really know that they have become twisted to where it is really false, its false advertising.
•In what ways has advertising affected American culture?
fast food makes us obese, and harms our health. fast food is costly and it is full of fatty food. I do agree, it can be quick and easy when your late or wanting something quick and easy.

My grandma told me that back when she was a kid they never hardly went out to eat due to not having money. they ate at home because its called homemade meals.
i was given a few choices to pick from; •Fast food
•Class of consumer product
•Personal care
i choose to pick was Fast Food.
•Who determines ethical standards for advertising?
fast food is everywhere even in local stores. Fast food gas become a concern for food products advertising. Fast food is being advertised to children and adults well everyone honestly.

But its a heated topic due to the lack of responsiblity of the advertiser. McDonald's and other fast food joints sell millions of meals on a daily basis, but they dont offer much of a healthy varity.
Ethical concerns are a major concern with the fast food world today. there are 3 ethical concerns with ethical concern.
the 3 ethical concerns are:
placing a toy in happy meals to sell to children

fast food advertise leads to an increase in unhealthy and obesity problems among teens and preteens
the last one is fast food companies have there own defition to determine standards.
fast food targets us into trying there products so we can become addicted and go back all the time.

many people eat fast food for all there meals.

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