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Copy of All Hands - Draft

No description

c Kincius

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of All Hands - Draft

January 30, 2013 Unified Contracting System
All Hands Meeting Agenda Giles Strickler - What is UCS?
Victoria Wassmer - Welcome
Pat McNall - UCS Benefits
Steve Cooper - UCS Technology Foundation
Sue Handy/Giles Strickler - Overview and Demo
Cindy Rooney - What You Should Expect Next
Giles Strickler - UCS Website/Closing Why are we here? What is UCS? Benefits of UCS UCS will impact everyone attending this all hands -- we want to inform everyone affected about the status of the program. (or something like that) The Unified Contracting System will be an electronic, secure, internet-based contract lifecycle management system that automates procurement processes spanning all phases of procurement including planning, pre-award, award, administration, and close-out. AMS best practices implemented in one common system that spans all procurement phases Stepping stone to fully electronic record keeping for all FAA procurements On-line access to accurate data for tracking contracting actions and managing workloads. Improved collaboration capabilities which will branch out to legal and program offices Standardization of processes and tools that will help simplify daily activities Welcome Victoria Wassmer UCS and our Business Goals UCS is the Way Forward Introductions Pat McNall
Sue Handy
Cindy Rooney
Steve Cooper U C S eDocS - Electronic Document Storage Write some stuff
about contracting
APP - Automated Write some stuff
about unifying stuff
R2O Unified System What is BPMS? Steve Cooper IBM BPMS Pat McNall Victoria Wassmer Victora Wassmer Victoria Wassmer Giles Strickler Giles Strickler Giles Strickler Contracting eDocS Demo eFast/APP Demo Documentum Oracle Database Insert items about APP demo Insert stuff about eDocs demo Summary Giles Sue Handy History of UCS Investment Decision Award for UCS BPMS Award UCS Development eFast Pilot eDocS UAT PCPS2 Summarize benefits of UCS Highlight dates for modules Insert UCS website
Insert UCS email address UCS Project Charter
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