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2010 Men's League at The Marshes Golf Club

No description

Greg McLaren

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of 2010 Men's League at The Marshes Golf Club

2010 Men's League at The Marshes Golf Club
Bull Moose
Gary Watt
Paul Laprade
Shawn MacDonald
Randy Carter
Andy Carr Eagle Maniacs
Ken Holmes
Andy Crawford
Liam Sheridan
Peter Bland
Lorincz's Team
Joe Lorincz
John Davies
Alex Brander
Alvaro Salgado
Darren Newell Stiff Shafts
Colin Wrynn
Mike Dunleavy
Paul La Barge
Chase Irwin
Cam Nottleton
Tom Martin Oversized Heads
Dave Bruce
Joe Brown
Clyde Clark
Gor Hanes
Chris Avery
Darren Wilby
Munish Mohan Team Murray
Kevin Murray
Tom Elmslie
Brent Lavery
Murray Kronick
Tony Mascioli
Wayne Gaebel Sandbaggers
Vishal Patel
Conor Sheehan
Richard Waterhouse
Mike McLean
Bill Farmilo
Dario de Castro The No Names
Peter Rywak
Peter Parsons
Marty Belair
Jean Eid
TBA The Fore Hackers
Nigel Montgomery
Terry Sellars
Chris Harbin
Dave Harvey
Paul McMahon Dinah-Mo's
Mike Bryson
John Sheridan
Doug Brown
Shawn Gilmore
Andrew Millar Lozinski's Long Hitters
John Lozinski
Bruce Montone
Rocco Marcantonio
Kim Ayotte
Ty Arslan
Jason Allen
Brian Joynt
Rudy Lindia Prospect Duffers
Bruce Magee
Stu Sunderland
Dwayne Palmer
Gary Keith
Don Magee
Scott Magee Loyal & Ancients
Chuck Noonan
Robin Ritchie
Bruce Brooks
Shaun Markey
Pat Walsh
Jordan Noonan Smokin' Aces
Brian Geertsema
Mark Williams
Ian McLaren
Robert McNeil
Andrew Douma
Chris Rodgers
That's A Gimme
Marc Brouillard
Steve Dowling
Paul Girard
Paul Przybycien
Norm Daigle
Jason Maloney League Conditions

Submit players by Friday
Substitutions made prior to 12 noon on Match Day
*Blast e-mails will be sent to every player to fill spare positions*


Play each team once
2 points for win, 1 for a tie
*Golf Canada Handicapping System
*Players have a choice of white or blue tees
Once again the Commons Cup will be up for grabs Team Play

-No points will be awarded for these events
Texas Scramble
1,2,3 Stableford


Deuce Pot
Weekly Prizes

May 5 Match 1
May 12 Match 2
May 19 Match 3
May 26 Match 4
June 2 Match 5
June 9 Match 6
June 16 Match 7
June 23 Match 8
June 30 Team Play
July 7 Match 9
July 14 Match 10
July 21 ???
July 28 Match 11
Aug 4 Match 12
Aug 11 Match 13
Aug 18 Match 14
Aug 25 Match 15
Sept 1 Team Play
Sept 8 ??? In accordance to Section 3-5 Players Competing from Different Tees.

The Player playing from the set of tees with the higher RCGA course rating receives additional strokes equal to the difference between each RCGA course rating.

E.g. - At the Marshes Golf Club

Blue = 70.8 White = 67.8 Difference = 3

10 handicap playing from the whites VS. a 5 handicap playing from the blues, would receive 2 strokes opposed to 5 if they were playing from the same tees.
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