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Peru by Hanna.H.

No description


on 12 May 2016

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Transcript of Peru by Hanna.H.

All about Peru
by Hanna.H.
All about Peru
Animals in Peru
Perus Fabulas Feasts
Peru by Hanna.H.
That is Peru
Peru is home to one of the oldest
civilisations in the world the Norte
chico civilisation.

Famous for its incredible geography, the country is divided into three different geographical regions. The coast (costa) to the west of the country, the highlands (sierra) which is the region of the Andes mountain range and the jungle (selva), the incredible Amazon rainforest to the east.
This is an animal
in Peru
And so is this
Peru has over 500 species of mammals,
which about 70 are endemic and about
109 are threatened or endangered. These
include spectacular species like the jaguar

and the spectacled bear.
Peru's national bird is the Andean cock-of-the-rock.

Tweet Tweet
Do not bring your pet
guineipig with you other
-wise you might be eating
Mr.snuggles for supper!
Peru signs its dishes all
the time(mostly for fancy
things like this)
Yes they eat guinepigs but I bet it tastes
just like chicken ommm yeh chicken
Peru climate
If it's warm on the coast it can be very cold in the mountains and you can find completely different weather in the jungle.
On the coast winter lasts from June to September isn't that awesome you could forget a friend in all that time!
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