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My Personal Mission Statement

4th Hour Health

Tori Betteridge

on 27 March 2013

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Transcript of My Personal Mission Statement

By: Tori Betteridge My Personal Mission Statement Be the Change you Want to see. My Dreams... Being Yourself is the only way people will get to see the real me and you. I believe.... "I am Just What I am, I'm Just What You See. So I'll make Easy, I'LL STAY ME!
~Luke Bryan Quotes to Live By Travel to Australia and Europe ~God is the Most Important Source to Live and Learn from
~Being Responsible for Your Own Actions and Thoughts
~Everything Happens for a Reason, Good or Bad
~Trustworthiness and Honesty are the Best Policies in Life
~Everyone is Equal, NO Matter What They Look Like "As an actor, you imagine every single day on set. So, as we already use our imaginations every day anyway, we just have to stretch it out just a little bit farther and imagine that, not only are we different people, but we're in an entirely different world. Sure, it can be hard sometimes, but you just have to use your imagination and rely upon everyone else to give you the right tools you need to make it seem real."
~Josh Hutcherson “Play on, when you're losing the game. Play on, cuz you're going to make mistakes. It's always worth the sacrifice, even when you think you're wrong.”
― ~Carrie Underwood Stay in Touch with all My Best Friends When I Get Older Move to Georgia Travel to ALL 50 States Meet my Favorite Actor, Josh Hutcherson Own a Huge Mansion My Goals... Go to College and get a Degree in Veterinary Science Find Someone to Share a Lifetime and Family With Stay Connected With God Stay True to Myself STAY YOU
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