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What Is Prezi..?

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on 1 December 2014

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Transcript of What Is Prezi..?

What Is Prezi..?
Prezi (prezi.com) is a Hungarian software company, producing a cloud-based presentation software and story telling tool that uses one canvas
why not powerpoint !!
Traditional and familiar.
Uses slides.
Very linear.
Very limited.
May become boring.

There is
Prezi's features
so to make a Prezi
Put your Ideas in a frames wherever you wont on the canvas
Draw arrows between them to edit the path of your Prezi
You can also insert music, images, videos, ...
And You can ROTATE
Prezi Collaborate

An online collaboration feature that allows up to ten people to co-edit and show their presentations in real time.
Prezi Desktop
prezi desktop allows prezi pro subscribers to work offline and save their presentations on their own computers up to 50MB.
Don't forget you can ZOoOM
more and more
So instead of slide
after slide
after slide
Of course you can draw a path(arrows) through your frames to organize them as you want ...
Or you can just put your ideas......
.....and then move to each by just clicking on it
Use a ZUI (zooming user interface) to zoom in and out.
Use frames to insert your pictures, videos,... and ideas.
Use paths to put your frames into sequences.
To make a prezi
You must subscribe to Prezi.com
Your prezi will be saved in your name and you can download it whenever you want.
And you can explore prezis made by others.
So, if you have
something to
show you can use PowerPoint...,
BUT if you want them to love the show use Prezi
Try it now
go to Prezi.com
Thank You
George Merjaneh


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