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Class Scheduling System

A Technical Documentation Presentation

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Transcript of Class Scheduling System

Presented by: Raymundo, Sheena
Vicente, Leo Jeremiah "As we go along with the new generation of modernization, computerization became a complement for every business establishment, government and eventually in schools to grant ease in our lives." INTRODUCTION Modern educational institutions adapted the computerization of the records and transactions BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY To increase the rate of reliability especially with their increasing number of school records BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY Particular systems in which the educational firms are using is capable of providing a less complicated and organized interfaces. An instance of those is an Enrollment System. BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY Polytechnic University of the Philippines Santa Rosa Campus is now using computerized Enrollment system. BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY PUP-SRC is generating class schedules manually. BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY PUP-SRC students and limited facilities causes unreliability of the class schedules BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY The Adaptive Planning and Scheduling System for Classroom Accommodation and Allocation is a necessary solution to the problem. BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY General Objective:

The general objective of this study is to give emphasis to the system’s capabilities for more accurate and simplicity of scheduling classrooms of Polytechnic University of the Philippines Santa Rosa Campus.
OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY 1.To design a system that has the following capabilities:
a.Immediate generation of classroom schedules based on the number of students of a particular class section
b.Provision of necessary information for the availability of classrooms
c.Accurate and precise modification feature for the classroom schedule that avoids from generating time conflicts
d.Provide data integration to the PUP-SRC Enrollment System
2.To develop a system using the following:
a.Windows XP Service Pack 3, Windows Vista, Windows 7 platform
b.MySQL Database 5.6
c.Microsoft Visual C# 2010 using .NET Framework 4
3.To test and evaluate the system according to its specification. SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES The system is only for making class schedules and exact facilitation of classrooms with respect to the number of students per class section and imports the generated schedule data to the enrollment system.
It only provides the administrators of the PUP-SRC the information with regards to the availability of classrooms.
The system is limited to the interconnected workstations within the Campus Area Network.
The system’s accessibility is limited to the in-charge personnel only.
SCOPE AND LIMITATIONS OF THE STUDY The system is intended to help the university in the immediate making of schedules and allocating classrooms with it. The study will help the university to develop and maximize the use of the limited classrooms and facilities.

The university administrators are the ones who will be assisted in this study as this will lessen the burden of them in creating schedules especially in assigning or allocating classrooms. Students and instructors will also be taken in advantage of this system because they will have no more problems in the case of searching available classrooms to be used. SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY CONCEPTUAL MODEL OF THE STUDY KNOWLEDGE REQUIREMENTS
a.Existing Manual Scheduling System
b.Development Tools and Techniques
c.Scheduling Rules and Procedures

a..NET Framework 4
b.MySQL Database

a.Local Area Network
PROCESS Adaptive Planning and Scheduling System for Classroom Accommodation and Allocation for the Polytechnic University of the Philippines Santa Rosa Campus OUTPUT Entity-Relationship Diagram DFD L1 DFD L0 Main Form Faculty Personal Info Form Faculty Schedule Form Schedule per Section Form Subject Schedule Form Classroom Addition Form Classroom Schedule Form Subject Offering Form Section Input Form Subject Details Input Form Manage Room Schedule Form END
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