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Production Hierarchy

No description

BOA Production

on 3 November 2016

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Transcript of Production Hierarchy



Artistic Director




Front of House

Front of House




Make-Up &
Hair Designer

Make-Up &
Hair Artists









Chief Electrician



Composer/Musical Director
Job Description:
Oversees the whole process of the theatrical production
First person to get to work on a show, reads the scripts, chooses the shows etc...
Will sometimes fund the project themselves.
Hire the people to make the production happen.
Producer/Artistic Director
Confidence, ability to lead a team & excellent communication skills
May have a degree or equvilant in Theatrical Management but often lots of Theatrical work experience
Producer - http://work.chron.com/job-description-qualifications-theater-producers-18284.html - 10.00am 15/09/15
Director -http://www.prospects.ac.uk/10.20am 15/09/15theatre_director_job_description.htm
Choreographer - http://[www.indeed.co.uk/cmp/North-London-Military-Wives-Choir/jobs] - 10.30am 15/09/15
Composer/MD - http://[www.indeed.co.uk/cmp/North-London-Military-Wives-Choir/jobs]- 17.00am 16/09/15
Musicians - http://www.musiciansunion.org.uk/Home/Advice/Playing-Live/Working-in-Theatre
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PM - Stage Management Essential Handbook by Gail Pallin (p.17) (2010, London, Nick Herns Books ltd.)
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Automation - http://getinmedia.com/careers/stage-automation-engineer
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Marketing Assistant - http://creativeskillset.org/job_roles_and_stories/job_roles/3839_marketing_assistant
Publicist - http://creativeskillset.org/job_roles_and_stories/job_roles/3826_publicist 13.35 17/09/15
Front of House Assistant - www.atgtickets.co.uk/jobs/front_of_house_assistants
Make-up and Hair Designer - http://creativeskillset.org/job_roles_and_stories/job_roles/302_make-up_and_hair_designer
Projection Designer - http://www.playbill.com/jobs/job_detail/projection-designer-coordinator-361790
Chief Electrician - http://openairtheatre.com/up/careers/pdf/22.pdf
Lighting Operator - http://theatre.uoregon.edu/production/light-board-operator/
Job Description:
Incharge of the direction the actors
Responsible for the creative outcome of the production
Work with the other artistic, creative, and production teams.
Obviously work closely with the cast and choreographer.
Degree is not essential but other qualifications can help in fields such as: Theatre studies, Drama, Fine Art.
Confidence to lead a team and direct people older, younger and at the same age.
Clear communication skills
Eye for creativity.
Job Description:
Creates the dance routines for the show/production
Teaches the dance sequences to the performers (actors/dancers/ensamble)
Co-ordinates with the director of the show to look at how dance and chorus can enhance the performance.
They must have a love for dance and teaching
High level of dance ability both practicaly and teaching it - ususally have lots of experience in the field
May have trained at a dance school and gained a 3yr diploma in dance or musical theatre
Job Description:
Rehearsal time - they work with the orchestra and are heavily involved in the audition stages, also have a huge role during the sitzprobe
Show time - lead the orchestra, ensures the score is played well, in time and harmonically with other instruments
COMPOSER - composes the music score for the show.
Composer/Musical Director (MD)
Job Description:
Conducted by the MD, plays the score of the show
Stereotypically found in the orchestra pit during the show, but could also be in the wings (We Will Rock You) or upstage (Spring Awakening)
Play all styles of music on your instrument - to suit the score of the play/musical
Friendly and proffesional/discaplined (again, could be on view of the audience)
Focused on task and strong concentration, patience skills (between songs)
Ability to sight read to a high standard
Job Description:
Interact directly with the director during the rehearsal period, running the rehearsal room while the SM works with the more technical aspects of the show
taking rehearsal notes, ensuring the director and company run to schedule in the rehearsals
During the show - generally cue the technical aspects of the show from the book at a desk (LX, SFX, Automation...)
Also responsable for company calls pre-show and clearance from FOH.
Deputy Stage Manager (DSM)
May have had experience as a SM or ASM
Previous Experience in theatre management/production
Knowlege of acting & rehearsals etc..
Some jobs may specify DBS checks (if in a school theatre department)
Job Description:
In rehearsals - they could be responsable for buying/sourcing props, running errands or assisting the SM in technical jobs
In shows - responable for the organisation of backstage (props etc...) will also have several cues across the ASMs on a show. (usually have several ASMs on a large show)
Assistant Stage Manager (ASM)
Past experience as a SM or DSM for example.
May have studied Stage Management or Production at college, perhaps to degree level
Clear communcation and literacy skills (note taking...)
Ability to interact with the cast and crew
Ability to follow cues from the SM, DSM or other
Job Description:
They are the performers in the show, blocked by the director but in theatre especially, they often have freedom to experiment with the movement & intention
Essentially they are telling the story of the text.
Work very closely with the Director, MD and perhaps the choreographer
Other terms - Major roles/supporting roles/ensemble/company...
Will usually have amature & proffesional experience (unless debuting)
Must have a desire to perform
Will have to pass an audition to gain a role in a show.
Most performers will have studied at a drama/dance/vocational school (eg. Lipa, Italia Conti...)
Most will also have done GCSE's/A-Levels/BTECs in Performing Arts, Dance, Acting, Musical Theatre...
Job Description:

Stage Manager (SM)

Job Description:

Pyro Operator

Job Description:
People who design/control the movement of set pieces using programming through electric or hydraulic systems
Responsable for equipment such as tracks, drum revolves, performer automated flying etc...
Work closely with the set designer and are cued by the DSM during the show to ensure they move at the right time and SAFELY!
Automation Engineer
Require a batchelor's degree but a master's is prefered in architecture or mechanical engineering (for example)
Usually freelance and hired in for the production
Experience in the field
Strong design capabilites, communcation & health and safety awareness.
Job Description:
Workshop Staff are in charge of building, installing and removing wooden structures on and off stage.
They make the wooden props, furniture and scenic equipment.
Workshop Staff
Need an accredited quaification such as the Intermediate Construction Award or a CITB Construction Skills S/NVQ in Carpentry and Joinery.
Have first-rate craft skills in carpentry and joinery.
Be able to understand complex drawings, secifications and technical literature.
Job Description:
The Paint Crew apply paint, varnish, wallpaper and other finishes to props, scenery and sets.
They also apply special finishes e.g. marbling or graining.
Paint Crew
Need an accredited qualification such as the Intermediate Constuction Award or an NVQ in Painting and Decorating.
Have strong creative abilities.
Be able to work to strict deadlines.
Work well as part of a team.
Job Description:
The Prop Master is in charge of prop design.
They would pull or build the props.
They make and keep a detailed prop list for the production.
They are in charge of the Prop Crew.
Prop Master
They would need a qualification in Art and Design or Model Making.
Have a wide knowledge of the basics of prop making.
Have the ability to work safely with materails such as fibreglass, latex, foam and polystyrene.
Be able to problem solve creatively and effectively.
Job Description:
They design the set for a production following the script and producers requirements.
They would calculate budgets and decide how the money and effort would be spent.
Creates ground plan, elevation and perspective drawings.
Set Designer
Need to be a graduate of Art, Theatre or Interior Design.
Have excellent visual awareness and design skills.
Be able to inspire and motivate a team.
Priortise work and be able to meet deadlines.
Require knowledge of relavant Health and Safety legislation and procedure.
Job Description:
Analyse the script and list all items needed for the set.
They find, hire or commission props.
They would keep detailed recor before and during performances and be responsible to return all props when no longer needed.
Set Decorator
Would have studied a degree in Art or Interior Design.
Have contacts with a range of prop hire companies.
Have a good eye for decoration and precise attention to detail.
Be enthusiastic about dressing objects and decoration.
Be able to work in a team.
Job Description:
Sound Assistant/Crew
There are no formal qualifications needed but there is specialist training available at different levels.
They need a basic understanding of electronics, sound recording and microphones.
Have precise attention to detail and have good timing.
Job Description:
Career starting point in sound
Responsable for operating and monitoring the sound levels for the show and curing the sound effects
Also do daily general maintenance on the sound equipment before the shows to ensure the equipment is all working
Sound Operator
Excellant communicaiton skills
Don't usually require a degree but one is desired, however they do require knowlege on how to work the desk and troubleshoot issues that could arrise in the show
Job Description:
They create the sound effects used for giant explosions or car crashes within the production.
They also create the more subtle sounds to enhance the mood feeling.
They manage the sound post production process.
Sound Designer
There are postgraduate course available in film/tv/theatre sound.
They need to have good genuine enthusiasm for sound.
They need to have expert knowledge of sound recording and acoustics.
They need to be able to work organised and well under pressure.
Job Description:
Employs and oversees the "production staff"
Responsable for Health and Safety requirements & issues
Oversees the ordering of materials
Schedules company, budget & production meetings
Attends the productions first preview or opening night to ensure the directors vision is complete.
Production Manager (PM)
Background in leadership or management
Experience in the production, artistic or admin field
May have performing experience
Strong organisational, communication skills and a possitive attitude
Usually require a degree in management
Job Description:
They design the hair and make-up looks for the production.
They are responsible for creating speciality looks including blood/gore, old age, wigs and hair pieces.
Make-Up & Hair Designer
They would need at least a level-2 vocational qualification in media hair and make-up.
They will need to be able to turn abstract ideas into hair and make-up applications quickly and effectively.
They need to be highly organised and use time efficiently.
Job Description:
They would create the hair and make-up looks to meet the productions requirements.
They would also briefly collborate with the costume crew to keep a unified theme.
Make-Up & Hair Artists
At least a level-2 vocational qualification or equivelent in media hair and make-up
They need to be able to define the overall look of the production and re-create it through hair and make-up.
They need to have good communication skills and be able to work efficiently as part of a team.
Job Description:
They design and create the costumes for the production.
They manage and organise the costume department.
They communicates with other designers to ensure unified concept is maintained.
Costume Designer
Thye need a HND, degree or post graduate qualification in a subject such as Costume Design, Fashion, Theatre Design or Performing Arts (production).
Need to be creative and imaginitive.
Excellent design skills.
Be able to work under pressure and be highly organised.
Job Description:
They assist the Costume Designer with research into costumes andhelping to make and adapt them.
They take instructions from the Costume Designer and Costume Supervisors.
Also, they make repairs to costumes/accessories.
Costume Assistant
It would be helpful to have a qualification in a relavent area including BA Hons or BTEC in Fashion or Costume Design.
They need to be highly organised and efficient.
Have positive responses to other's requests.
They have to be able to work under pressure.
Job Description:
The Costume Supervisor would be in charge of costumes during a production.
They supervise costume manufacture.
Also, they draw up and manage the department budgets and schedules.
Costume Supervisor
It would be helpful to have a qualification in Fashion, Costume Design or Costume Interpretaion but it's not essential.
Be highly organised and efficient.
Be aware of budgets and estimate costs.
Cope effectively with stress and hagood communication skills.
Job Description:

Lighting Operator

Job Description:
Buisness Manager
Have a strong passion for theatre.
Enthusiastic in what they do.
Be able to have a hands on approach.
Have great communication skills.
Having a degree in Business is required.
Job Description:
They manage all aspects of the finances of the production.
They prepare budgets, manage the cash flow, accounting & taxation and rasing finances.
The Financal Manager also oversees the Accounts Team.
Financial Manager
They need a BA degree in Accountancy to become a qualified accountant.
Need experience of commercial accounting.
Be organised and able to plan effectively.
Have excellent analytical and problem solving skills.
Have great communication skills.
Job Description:
They distribute purchase invoices to the relavant budget holder for coding and authorisation.
Ensure a safe working environment is maintained at all times.
Support the organisation and its staff throh the effective use of the performance management system.
Financial Assistant
Accounting qualification is needed.
High standard of literacy and numeracy.
Excellent planning and organisational skills.
Works well under pressure and to deadlines.
Flexibility, initiative, dedication and commitment.
Ability to work effectively at all levels.
Job Description:
The Marketing Manager would oversee the creation and planning of marketing campaigns for productions.
They would also liase with the producer and publicist of the production.
Marketing Manager
Higher level qualifications are needed in Marketing, PR, Business or subjects related to business.
They should be able to think stategically and tactically.
Have great organising and planning skills.
Be a good communicator and networker.
Be able to manage a team well under pressure.
Job Description:
The Publicist would work with the Producer and Marketing Manager to prepare publicity campaigns.
Preparing press releases, press kits and stills.
They schedule and oversee events.
They act as a spokesperson for the production.
They would need a degree in Communications, Journalism or Business.
Have a good knowledge of and understanding of the media.
Have good contacts in the media industry.
Be good at problem solving and dealing with situations strategically.
Job Description:
The Marketing Assistant would work with the Publicist and Marketing Manager to create and pan campaigns.
They would also co-ordinate marketing research projects.
Marketing Assistant
Higher level qualification in Marketing, PR, Business or subjects related to business.
Be good at micro-managing projects.
Be able to problem solve small crises.
Be creative, adaptable and able to respond quickly to changing situations and needs.
Have a good understanding of all media platforms.
Job Description:
The Front of House Manager is in charge of the box office, lobby and the crews for both.
They would communicate with the Stage Manager before the show and during the intermission.
Front of House Manager
Postgraduate study is not essential, although graduates with an unrelated degree may consider taking a postgraduate course in Arts Administration.
Excellent communication skills.
Strong organisational abilities.
Fast action problem solving skills
Ability to juggle priorities effectively.
Job Description:
The would welcome the customers in aa polite and enthusiastic manner.
Assist in maintaining the general appearance of public areas.
Check all customers have their tickets.
Give fast and efficient service to latecomers.
Previous experience of working with the public in the provision of service is required.
The ability to recognise the importance of presantation.
Be able to handle money and stock efficiently.
Good, clear English Language - excellent communication skills.
Job Description:
The Front of House Assistant would ensure all theatre polices are being followed.
They should maintain a friendly, helpful service to everybody that comes in contact with the theatre.
Ensure that all cash is correctly accounted for.
Front of House Assistant
Previous experience in a customer service role is required.
Be able to deliver quick and easy sales.
Have good team working skills.
Be highly organised.
have good knowledge of health and safety regulations.
Job Description:
Design visual projection for the show through projection/screens or other
Work with the production team (specifically set & lighting)
Projection Designer
Friendly, harworking and a team player
Detailed knowlege of presentation software and design software
May have a degree or college course in art or visual design for example.
Job Description:
The Lighting Designer uses the script or breif from the production team to design the specific look required for each scene.
They use advanced technical skills to realise the design and with help from the lighting department to set up and operate specialised lights and accessories.
Lighting Designer
No specific qualifications needed
Good technical knowledge about how lighting equipment workd and how it is operated.
Have strong communication and team working skills.
Take a logical approach to problem solving.
Pay great attention to detail.
Job Description:
Ensure the safety of cast, crew, theatre staff and audience in relation to the lighting equipment
PAT testing and maintenance of Lighting equipment
Installation and striking of lighting
Sometimes operate the board byt usually they just do set up & maintenance work
Chief Electrician
minimum 1 years experience as electrician/cheif
understanding of Health and Safety
Calm under pressure
Ability to work sensibly, creatively and proffesionally
Desireable: First Aid qualification
Job Description:
Responsable for the operating or lighting cues in the performance
Cued by the DSM from the book on a STBY ... GO
Works closely with the SM during technical rehearsals to co-ordinate the visual elements of the show
Also responsable for the day to day maintenance of the lighitng equpment
Lighting Operator
Knowlege on how to work the the lighting board for the specific production (eg. Ion, Jester...)
Ability to do lighting checks pre-show
Basic knowlege of troubleshooting for any small problems that may occour
Participate in the get out/strike if on a tour or end of a run.
Job Description:
Responable for the working of the stage management team (DSM & ASM)
Oversees the marking up of the rehearsal space & running of auditions
Oversees the health and safety issues and also runs the technical rehearsal.
Stage Manager (SM)
Confident, well spoken and literate, ability to control a team and work well within a team.
Will usually have a degree in Stage Management or Technical theatre, but not essential
Required: ? years experience in field (? - depends on show: eg. West end = min.2 years)
Usually require a degree in conducting or music theory
Must have a taste for many ranges of music (to suit the score they have to conduct)
Strong multi-tasking abilities
Proffesionalism (he is often in sight of the audience from the pit)
Succesful Examples:
Nick Hytner

Danny Boyle
(Olympic opening ceremony),
Lawrence Connor
(Revival of Miss Saigon),
Micheal Mayer
(American Idiot, Spring Awakening)...
Director (AD)

Job Description:
Assitant Director (AD)
Will usually have a background interest in Acting, Art, Directing, Film or Tech theatre.
Usually will have studied courses in directing, or acting etc...
Must have strong patience and a creative mind
Generally people who have completed college and are beginning to have a directing career
Assist the director in descisions on blocking, staging etc...
Will rehearse scenes with actors while the director works with others
May direct small sequences in the production
RSC: Wendy & Peter

< Automated Flying
Drum Revolve stage at the
National Theatre, Olivier >
The Bodyguard UK Tour

< Automated moving flats
Original Broadway Cast
Cast pages in a programme
'The Mousetrap'
They provide general backup and support to the Sound Designer.
They have to check all of the sound equipment including stock, microphones and batteries.
They make sure that the sound department runs as smoothly as possible during a production.
RSC Wendy & Peter
Back projecting
Eurovision Winner
2015 Projection
Responsible for the financial and administritive aspects of the theatre.
Recruits and manages staff from the box office to backstage and will be responsible for the HR processes.
Another crucial part is customer care, making sure the public get the most out of their experience.
September 2015
Associate Lighting Designer
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