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King Louis XIV:LCECHS(breanna,howard/lizzie letchworth

France under the rule of King Louis XIV for Mr. Fussell's class

breanna howard

on 19 February 2011

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Transcript of King Louis XIV:LCECHS(breanna,howard/lizzie letchworth

King Louis XIV used vast resources into war, trying to expand the french border he followed the rules of Richeliu he expanded the bureaucracy
and appointed intendants had lands
cleared for
farming king loius expanded the
power of the france monarch King louis eroded
the power of france King Louis also built the french army
into srongest in eourope, an inforced his
army to carry out his law King Louis also thought
that the protestant's were a
threat to realigious an political unity, so
in 1685 he revoked the edict of nates, which caused over 100,00 protestants
to flee, an the protestant
were the hardest working
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