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Global Warming

Présentation sur le réchauffement climatique expliqué aux enfants, créé dans le cadre du cours d'anglais à l'Exia.Cesi.

Clothilde Haristouy

on 26 August 2015

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Transcript of Global Warming

None like it hot!
This is Earth
3rd planet from the sun
Formed approximately
4.54 billion years ago (it's very old)
Life appeared on its surface
within one billion years (not so old)
Only known planet with life, and humans (us!)
it's still Earth...
...and its atmosphere
Layer of gases surrounding the planet Earth
retained by Earth's gravity
(attractive force which permit
you to stay on the floor)
Oxygen: 20%
Carbon Dioxide: 0.0314%
Nitrogen: 78%
(It's what you breath in,
and trees and plants breath out)
There's a lot of other gases in the atmosphere.
(It's what you breath out,
and what trees and plants breath in)
The Sun
(yeah, still the same planet)
ray of sunshine
...going this way
Methane from cow's fart
3 billion to 6 billion trees
are cut every year
in earth and water
...and many other causes.
Electricity production
extinction of species
Thanks for watching!
rays of sun
Some of them stay to keep us warm,
blocked by the greenhouse gases
The others are simply reflected
(like the light in a mirror).
Some effects of global warming:
Storms, hurricanes, cyclone
Rise in sea levels
Clothilde Haristouy
Futurama "none like it hot"
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