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Proofreading Lesson.

Tips on improving your proofreading skills.

Sybil Priebe

on 2 November 2012

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Transcript of Proofreading Lesson.

You can already proofread! *Know all the things that you need to check.
{If the teacher doesn't have a list, then use the requirements from the paper/project.} If you are proofreading
on screen... You could use
the Comments Tool, too,
to highlight bigger pieces
that are confusing or odd. Change the Font Color of strange words = another proofreading idea. Use the Highlighter Tool
to highlight words the writer
used that confused you. PROOFREADING! -When you find an error.
-Give suggestions for the error or fix it.
-Now start from the beginning again. -Go back to the beginning.
-Start looking for the next item on the list. -Now work through the text.
-Look for an item on your list. Start with a List! Try Using these Tools in Addition to the List
or Requirements:
-Find & Replace.
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