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Rock and Roll Genres

Outline Rock and Roll Tree

Jamie Kazacos

on 28 March 2018

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Transcript of Rock and Roll Genres

The branches
The Roots
The Trunk
Elvis Presley
Little Richard
Jerry Lee Lewis
Buddy Holly
Chuck Berry
Fats Domino
Hard Rock
Jazz Rock
Country Rock
Heavy Metal
The Beatles
Folk Rock
Jam Bands
Latin Rock
Soft Rock
Bill Haley
and the Comets
New Wave
Combined funk and soul with
R&B. From Detroit. Started by
black producers for black musicians.
Combined Folk music
with Rock Rhythms and
Mixes country chords and
themes with rock rhythms.
Louder, stronger, more intense rock music, with faster rhythms. Elaborate live concerts.
Recorded music played by DJ's for dance clubs. Electric Guitars, synthesizers, drum machines.
Mixes rock rhythms with jazz chords and brass instruments. High Energy Sound.
Hard fast-driving rhythms and lyrics. Anti-establishment.
Speaking in Rhyme to the Rhythm of the beat.
From Seattle, WA. Heavily distorted guitar and vocals. Anti-social.
Speaking in Rhyme to the rhythm of the beat.
Jackson 5
Stevie Wonder
Bob Dylan
The Byrds
Crosby Stills Nash and Young
Simple chord progressions.
AAB form.
Songs of sorrow.
Grew out of Slave Songs and Songs from Africa
Popular music of 30's - 40's.
From both black and white America.
Dance Music.
Valued Improvisation
Grew out of Jazz During WWII.
Stronger back beat
Smaller groups.
More use of electric guitar
African American Church music built on vocal harmonies.
Popular in white America. Storytelling songs. Grew out of folk song tradition and church music.
Vocal based music in white America.
Heavily influence by Gospel and Barbershop.
More upbeat.
Music of poor rural south.
Valued Improvisation.
Banjo, Mandolin, Violin.
Poet Laureate of Rock and Roll
Established roll of guitar in Rock and Roll
Crossed over to white and black audiences

Originally Bill Haley and the Saddlemen
Fused R&B Sound to Country
"Rock Around the Clock" - 1st Rock and Roll song included in movie (Blackboard Jungle)
Listened to various genres of music growing up.
Combined roots of rock and roll authentically.
Discovered by Sam Phillips of Sun Records
King of Rock and Roll
Contributed Honky-Tonk feel
Rebel persona
Known for vocal "hiccup"
Up and coming star died in plane crash
Expanded sound of
Rock and Roll. Start of
British Invasion.
John Lennon
Paul McCartney
George Harrison
Ringo Starr
Clean cut African American musician.
Wrote singable, simple melodies.
Easy crossover for white audiences to R&B
Dynamo of Showmanship
King of R&B
Self proclaimed architect of Rock and Roll
Musicians who defined sound of 50’s Rock
Various styles of music that grew from early Rock and Roll

Genres that influenced the development of 50’s Rock
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