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Welcome to E360

No description

on 13 February 2015

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Transcript of Welcome to E360

Did you know that...
By 2018, approximately
80% of commercial refrigerators and ice machines

will have to go through a complete redesign to meet new Department of Energy standards for efficiency.
The EPA is proposing
to delist


in many commercial refrigeration applications.
In the state of California, Title 24 mandates the practice of floating head pressures
down to 70 °F or lower

in supermarket refrigeration systems.
What Is E360?
E360 is a comprehensive look at the issues our customers face every day. Its purpose is to provide information that will help our customers look at refrigerated systems from every angle

a 360-degree view

considering every factor that impacts the decision-making process. For our supermarket, foodservice and convenience store customers, we’re
in a unique position to provide both the expertise and resources to help balance ALL aspects of their refrigeration system design and operation.
Balancing all facets of refrigerated system design.
We do this by taking a holistic approach that objectively accounts for energy efficiency, environmental protection, equipment reliability and safety, and economic considerations. Here’s how we’re addressing the issues that affect you.
We help you continually reduce refrigeration-related energy consumption by serving as:

A knowledge resource for energy efficiency regulation impacts

Best practices experts for energy-efficient system design and operation

Research leaders advancing the field of energy efficiency
Energy Efficiency
We are actively leading industry discussions on refrigeration-related environmental issues:

Providing industry guidance on the impacts of new and impending regulations

Leading the educational dialogue on low-GWP refrigerants

Helping you meet your corporate sustainability goals
Environmental Protection
We monitor the operating, safety and food quality issues that affect you and assist through:

Developing best practices in the operation and maintenance of systems that incorporate new technologies or function in unusual or atypical conditions

Enhancing the reliability and operation of refrigerated systems through the thoughtful application of advanced electronics

Actively monitoring food safety regulations and standards
Reliability and Safety Concerns
We help you evaluate the economic viability of refrigeration system alternatives by:

Understanding the economic impact of system design decisions at all levels of the value chain — from OEM to end customer — and providing objective, impartial counsel

Providing expert advice on
the benefits and risks of new technologies
Connect With E360
E360 Forum — Coming to a City Near You
To help address your commercial refrigeration challenges, we’re bringing our E360 platform to a city near you. These informative, one-day seminars will take place quarterly in strategic cities across the U.S. and give you an opportunity to learn from and interact with the industry’s leading refrigeration experts.
Operations, facility, energy managers
Service providers
Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs)
Who Should Attend?
Each session will have a specific theme related to a relevant refrigeration topic. We will discuss regulatory impacts, system design best practices, emerging technologies, energy efficiency case studies, refrigerant developments, equipment considerations, food safety, and much more.
What Will You Learn?
This quarterly publication produced by Emerson Climate Technologies takes a sweeping viewpoint of the issues facing our customers and the industry today.
Welcome to
Today, the refrigeration industry is faced with a myriad of challenges. From ever-changing environmental standards and expanding applications for electronics to operating cost pressures and evolving refrigerant technologies. These issues are among the many impacting our customers.
Welcome to E360
As the E360 platform evolves, we hope you’ll feel comfortable being part of the conversation. Through various publications, online events and on-site forums, we’ll be getting the conversation started but also creating an environment where many perspectives and ideas can be heard. Consider this your invitation to take part.

As an industry, we have a lot to worry about. But we also have an opportunity to think differently in ways that encompass a collective viewpoint — from every angle. We look forward to your perspective.

Visit us at
Welcome to
Economic Considerations
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