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Marina López Acosta

on 14 September 2012

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The airline industry is responsible for about
11 percent of greenhouse gases emitted
by the U.S. transportation sector. Environment Boeing recognizes the current ecologic challenges and is committed to improving the environmental performance in their operations, products and services Less Fuel Burned - Less CO2 Released Biofuel an effective solution The Boeing Company Customers in 150 countries

Boeing products

Tradition of aerospace
leadership and innovation

Boeing employs more than 170,000 people General Information Boeing Capital Corporation Commercial Airplanes Unparalleled Integration Lifecycle Commitment Breakthrough Technologies OEM Knowledge Passionate People Boeing provides a full range of military training capabilities
and customer-focused solutions to directly enable mission readiness. TRAINING SYSTEMS AND GOVERNMENT SERVICES
Worldwide, the division has more than 2,800 employees dedicated to delivering cutting, edge training solutions, custom software development, engineering and technical services. Air Force One is a Boeing 747-200B
that has been modified to meet presidential requirements. AIR FORCE ONE In 1962, Boeing introduced to the U.S. presidents the modern jet transportation
with the introduction of the Boeing model 707-320B. Today, the chief executive flies aboard a specially configured 747-200B, the newest and largest presidential
airplane. Its capabilities include:

Longer range for presidential travel
Aerial refueling
Self-sufficiency at airports around the world
Two galleys that can provide 100 meals at one sitting
Multi-frequency radios for air-to-air, air-to-ground and satellite communications The "flying Oval Office" has 4,000 square feet of interior floor space. Among its accommodations are:
Conference/dining room
Quarters for the president and the first lady
An office area for senior staff members
Another office that converts into a medical facility when necessary
Work and rest areas for the presidential staff, media representatives and Air Force crews This business includes electronic and mission systems;
information solutions; strategic
missile & defense systems;
satellites and other space and intelligence systems;
and space exploration activities. NETWORK AND SPACE SYSTEMS Boeing's satellite experts continue to pioneer technologies and to discover
new applications for a wide variety of systems that make a difference in our world today and create possibilities for tomorrow.
They are committed to expanding knowledge of and appreciation for commercial, civil, and military space activities. Boeing Space and Intelligence Systems (S&IS) is the world's leading manufacturer of geostationary satellites. BOEING SATELLITES They have built and operated human and
robotic space vehicles as well as
supporting hardware:
from the X-15 toGemini, Mercury,
Apollo, Skylab, Space Shuttle,
the International Space Station (ISS),Commercial CrewDevelopment and the Space Launch System. Boeing Space Exploration division,
headquartered in Houston,
is at the forefront of development of
newspacecraft systems,
as it has been since
the beginning of the Space Age. SPACE EXPLORATION Space Exploration, a division within Boeing Defense,
Space &Security's Network and Space Systems business, employs more than 3,000 employees in Texas, Florida,Alabama and California. The organization pays particular attention to ensuring the
success of development programs, and strives to attract, develop and retain a world-class technical and functional work force. Its primary objectives are to support the company's business units by delivering high-quality, low cost technical services in information technology, research and technology, test and evaluation. Enhances Boeing's growth and productivity by driving technical and functional excellence across the enterprise. ENGINEERING OPERATIONS AND TECHNOLOGY Provides strategic council on political, economic, and industrial developments around the world
Collaborates with Government Operations to create an integrated view of domestic and global government issues and developments
Ensures good corporate citizenship around the globe by developing policies and procedures that comply with the diverse laws, customs, and business
The Boeing supplier network includes approximately 28,000 suppliers and partners
BOEING INTERNATIONAL Boeing has five Research & Development Centers, 11 Consortia and 14 joint research centers
More than 50 international research centers in approximately 35 nations for research in diverse areas such as biofuels , manufacturing processes, structures, and robotics
Boeing employees volunteer around the world to support many charitable endeavors
Between 2006 to 2011 more than $30 million was distributed in 38 countries Organization Driving performance growth and productivity and leadership development Boeing Management Model Vision 2016 People working together
as a global enterprise
for aerospace leadership Strategies: Run healthy core businesses
Leverage strengths into new products and services
Open new frontiers Core competences: Detalled customer knowledge and focus
Large-scale systems integration
Lean enterprise Values: Leadership
Customer satisfaction People working together
A diverse and involved team
Good corporate citizenship
Enhancing shareholder value An airplane reaching the end of its service
capability can begin a new phase of life
through recycling. Work with the industry to recycle 90% to 95% of a retired airplane by 2016.

Reduction of waste from manufacturing
Improved recycling technologies and processes
Maximize the market value of materials that have been recycled Conclusion “Boeing is a company of amazing people working in one of the most exciting industries in the world. When you consider our many accomplishments -- from designing and building the earliest biplanes to creating and supporting today's supersonic aircraft and spacecraft -- you might think we would be content with how far we've come. But a company of our size and scope doesn't succeed by resting on its laurels; we are constantly re-examining our capabilities and processes to ensure that our company is as strong and vital as our heritage. In fact, our culture mirrors the heritage of aviation itself, built on a foundation of innovation, aspiration and imagination.” The Boeing Company Major Boeing Commercial Airplanes Facilities 757 Million Dollar Boeing 787
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