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No description

Clara Ebrí

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of LoMonaco

Silvia Clausell Pérez
Clara Ebrí Balaguer
Iuliana Georgiana Paun
Diana Palimariu
Lorena Ramos Romero
Jessica Sotos Díaz
Elena Veronica Nita
Ana Viñes Aguilella Mission “Mejorar la calidad de vida de nuestros clientes mediante sistemas personalizados de descanso que satisfagan sus necesidades”

To improve the quality of life of our customers by using personalized rest systems that satisfy their needs Goals Personalized treatment
Awards Policies and values Experts in rest Competitive areas Industry: Products/uses: Technological competences: Target: Degree of vertical integration: Geographical area: INTERNATIONALISATION PROJECT THANKS FOR YOUR ATTENTION Members of
the group Found in 1996, in Granada
The leading national company
Lo Monaco Distribution
Staff and customers
Collaborations Matress Mattresses, sprung bed bases, complements
(pillows, duvets) Posturherapy (2010), TRIPL3 (2011) housewives men and women (social changes)
young customers (online) forward vertical integration (delivery, installation, removal financing and the after-sales service) No physical shops
No traditional sales system
Spain and its isles References http://www.grupolomonaco.com/
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