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The Kite Runner Modern Tragic Hero Assignment

No description

Hannah Ross

on 27 April 2013

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Transcript of The Kite Runner Modern Tragic Hero Assignment

By: Hannah Ross Tragic Hero Assignment VICTORY!!!
The character Amir who is twelve witness's a tragic event that a rare amount of people experience. After winning the kite competition and seeing how happy everyone is his best friend Hassan ran to go get the kite and bring it back for Amir. As Hassan went to go catch the kite, and there in front of him were Wali, Kamal and Assef. At first, Assef had intentions of stealing the kite but instead he decided to rape Hassan. "I've changed my mind Hazara. I'll let you keep it so it will remind you of what I'm about to do to you" 78

When Amir saw the Hassan was getting raped, for some reason he did not try to stop it. Amir watched from outside of a shed. After this event Amir starting hating himself for not stepping in. Not only did he start to hate himself, but he started to question the meanings of like.

After many years of regret and remorse Amir finally is able to accept himself for not helping Hassan, when he was in desperate need of help and the fact that he did actually did get raped. When Amir goes to the orphanage and realizes Sohrab isn't there he finds out that the General took one kid for himself. It just so happened that the General took Sohrab. As Amir is undercover, he goes to talk "business" with the General and save Sohrab. When Sohrab came out he was wearing makeup and women's clothing, and the soldiers made him dance for their own pleasure.

Catharsis Present? Triumph is shown when Amir and Sohrab, escape Afghanistan, and are able to come back to America and start a new life.
Modern Tragic Hero: Amir "I became what I am today at the age of twelve, on a frigid overcast day in the winter of 1975" 1

At the beginning of the book, Amir gets a phone call from a long time friend, back in Pakistan who has asked to see him. Rahim Khan has some news about Amirs past and tells him "There's a way to be good again" 2

Amir, who has created a life for himself in America, now has to come back and revisit his past. Through-out the book we realize that Amir went through a lot of tragedies, and the news that Rahim Khan delivers is not the good kind.

Closer to the ending, we discover that Amirs close friend Hassan and his wife was shot leaving behind a child who is in an orphanage. Rahim Khan tells Amir to go to Afganistan and rescue the boy. Amir feels obligated to go back and help the boy because Hassan would have done the same. At this moment, the audience, felt pity and fear for Sohrab and Amir because it looked it was going to be hard to escape, especially when Amir was noticed by the General, who was Assef. Feeling Guilty
Amir feels guilt in many parts of the movie:
When Hassan gets raped, he felt guilty for not saving him.
For years he feels guilty for not telling anyone.
When Amir went back to Afghanistan he put everything on hold in America to save Sohrab, and even put himself in danger Amir These 7 qualities define what a "Modern Tragic Hero" is. Hopefully I was able to prove to you that Amir in fact is a Modern Tragic Hero.

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