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General psychological behaviours that determine personality

Highlights Interesting day to day humanly behaviors and predictions regarding personality relating to them.

Abdul Mannan Akhtar

on 6 April 2011

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Transcript of General psychological behaviours that determine personality

General psychological behaviours
that determine personality Abdul Mannan 299 Waqas Maqsud 432 Shabih-ul-Hassan Sumran Saleem 378 498 A Group Writing project -Forming A Unit
-Choosing a Leader Making a Work plan Meeting Tasks assigned Introduction & history
General Behaviours' interpretation
Research review,Report Formating & Importance
Presentation Muhammad Sumran Waqas Maqsud Shabih ul Hassan Abdul Mannan Audience Realised Colleagues
Evaluater(Teacher) Deadlines assigned Pre Writing Final form Formal Conflict of opinion none Writing Stage Each member worked on particular sections Post Writing Stage Presentation Final Editing Psychology
??? The science of mind and behavior
Psychologist-social scientist role of mental functions in individual and social behavior Psychiatry Historical
perspective Wilhelm Wundt established the first psychology lab in Leipzig-Germany Structuralism- structures that control mind medical degree
mental disorder Ancient Greeks
As Scholarly study was a branch of philosophy until 1879 Developments physiology
anthropology The philosophical form influenced by the works of René Descartes (1596–1650) Human behavioural Psychology Study of : Personality
etc... Useful!
peoples nature basing on personality
Origions and family background
Judgment Enhancing self personality NAIL BITING NOSE PICKING SKIN PICKING HAIR PULLING LIP BITING THUMB SUCKING FIDGETING TEETH GRINDING HAIR TWIRLING HEAD BANGING Spining of hair abruptly Often a girly trait Explanation Interpretation
Nervousness Flirtatiousness Anxiety Common scenerios Meeting soneone new giving an oral report worrying about something etc.. Interpretation
Rare disorder Mostly shows anxiety Depression Leads to hair loss Leads to social avoidence Often eat Nervousness High concentration towards things or scratching Stress Has a soothing affect
Releases tension Skin pickers Sensitive about appearence
Stand for hours in front of mirrors
Perfectionists Act of extracting dried nasal mucus from the nose with a finger Laziness Boredom mostly in children exist in all ages/gender Nail
Soft tissues around it Biting more common in guys nervousness
lack of activities Emotional stress
Increased anxiety
Suppressed anger or frustration
Occur during both sleep & conciousness
Overly competitive Personality type: Reasons Soothing rythemic movements Release tension
Prepare for sleep Interpretations frustration anger Attention seekers Intensely Concentrate Passionate Moving Restlessly Interpretation nervousness boredom agitation Unconcious act Mostly in genes Playing with finger Bounce one's leg Ring spinning Pen spinning Often in slim people Stereotypic movement disorder Repeat movements e.g. longer hand shaking Interpretation Insecurity Lonliness Stress General Behaviours & interpretations
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