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Spnioza and Epistemology

Who is Baruch Spinoza and what is his philosophy? Let's investigate the relationship of Spinoza's ideas and the origin of epistemology.

Heesang Yoon

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of Spnioza and Epistemology

BARUCH SPINOZA Heesang & Jin-Ho Basic Intro Three Kinds of Knowledge Spinoza's GOD Human life & GOD Spinoza's GOD Spinoza's GOD - Spinoza aimed at a 'life with endless happiness'
- To be a genuine 'freeman,' intuitive recognition of god is needed.
- Spinoza's god = Christian's god (x)
- cf) ETHICA
Ordine Geometrico
Demonftrata "I understand god as an absolute eternal existence: the reality that is
formed with eternal attributes that each represent perpetual and
eternal essence." - His god is not a transcendental existence; it is an immanent being.
- God/Nature is a whole system of which we individual humans are parts of it
- Intuitive recognition allows humans to experience the 'big others' Ratio - adequate, clear, distinct, and rational knowledge
- movement by the way of deductive inference Ex Signis - knowledge from signs
- Recollect knowledge from signals and form certain ideas from them Experientia Vaga - Knowledge through random experiences
"...through the senses in a way which is mutilated, confused..." Who is he? Spinoza thought....(2) - If one can recognize the ultimate cause and order of matter rationally, Spnioza thought.... - The universe is a big machine which moves along an inevitable order

- Every matter is inevitablly connected as a cause and effect

- Humans are always agitated because they are finite beings with inadequate knowledge. - Baruch Spinoza (1632-1677) : one of the three major rationalists, most important of the post-cartesian philosophers. - one can acquire a peaceful mind and harmonize with the true universe. Knowledge of the first kind Knowledge of the second kind Knowledge of the third kind Scientia Intuitiva - intuitive knowledge: adequate knowledge of the formal essence of things
- the complete understanding of God can never be attained...supreme human goal Able to feel exterme happiness from the eternal point of view (sub specie aeternitatis) " Even if the world comes to the end tomorrow,
I will plant an apple tree today." - Spinoza
"[Spinoza] is a man who was drunk with god" - Novalis, a poet....

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