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Fears and Phobias

No description

Tori Gural

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Fears and Phobias

Fears and Phobias "genes create the tendency... Evolutionary Psychology Genetic Determinism Psychology in the
framework of evolution Adaptations interact with culture to produce specific behaviors ...not the tyranny." Psychological traits are adaptations --
Evolved to solve problems in ancestral
environments Genes have the capacity to
develop an array of traits. Restrictive Behavior Genes will have their
way unless contravened
by conscious choice. Behavioral Twin Studies Higher concordance in identical twins: behavior genetic
Higher concordance in fraternal twins: not necessarily genetic Identical vs. Fraternal twin behaviors appearance of trait in both twins Substance Abuse “Cocaine Use, Abuse, and Dependency in a Population-Based Sample of Female Twins” by Kenneth Kendler and Carol Prescott a presentation by Tori Gural do genes have the upper hand? Sexual Orientation Is sexual orientation a genetic determination? A General Overview & Phobias an irrational, intense, persistent fear of situations, activities, things, or people Fears main symptom -- excessive, unreasonable avoidance of particular phobia most common form of anxiety disorder survival mechanism that leads an organism to avoid threat emerges from the perception of danger "package of reactions" Behavioral expression, inner feelings, other psychological changes Development of Phobias Combination of external events and internal predispositions Certain events/objects may have a genetic predisposition to associate with fear Evolution of Fear in Humans Fear supports the development of effective defensive systems to survive danger Danger threatens the transport of genes from one generation to the next Fear is central to survival and evolution Fears and Natural Selection selective mechanisms to achieve avoidance selection for fear of events/situations threatening to our ancestors -- genes haven't caught up to culture females express greater number
& intesity of fears than males ages 3 - 13: animals, bugs, strangers, and dirt why? genetics could be the answer males -- hunters
females -- caretakers Phobias and Gender Phobias and Age more intense fear from ages 6 to 18 as age decreases, fear decreases with age: fear shift from tangible and immediate to less tangible and anticipatory life experience -- knowledge why? Mentorship: Applied how can i see all of this for myself? survey! Results! girls and boys: 12 - 14 girls and boys: 15 - 18 Conclusion Both boys and girls think their archiac fears of heights, snakes, etc are rational.
our genes have yet to catch up with the environment
genes and natural selection control our behaviors - Neil Whitehead, author of "My Genes Made Me Do It!"
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