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What propaganda is and how it relates to the book "Divergent".

Erica Fleming

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of Propaganda

What is propaganda, exactly? Propaganda is the spreading of ideas, information or rumor for the purpose of helping or injuring a cause.
- Positive/Negative
- Intent = convince 7 Propaganda Techniques - Bandwagon
- Testimonial
- Transfer
- Repetition
- Glittering Generalities
- Name Calling
- Plain Folk Everyone is doing it...
Be part of the crowd...
Don't get left out... Bandwagon Who Is This? - Became the most famous poster in the world
- Encouraged men to enlist in the army Uncle Sam Testimonial Famous person endorses the product
A "regular" person uses the product and successfully reached their goal Transfer Using words that will get your feelings about one thing transferred to another thing
Patriotism, love/popularity, power/fame, money/wealth Repetition Repeating a key word or phrase in hopes that it will be remembered
Repeated logo
I'm lovin' it
Just do it Glittering Generalities Words that sound good, but don't actually mean anything
Creates a favorable image in the mind of the customer
New and improved!
Bigger and better! Name Calling Uses words to give you a negative impression about the person or product
Political campaigns Plain Folk Just one of the guys (or girls!)
Appeals to the public by saying the people in the commercials are the same as you and have the same problems as you. So how does this relate to "Divergent"? What do the factions think of one another?
Why do you think this is?

What kinds of propaganda have we seen used so far in the story? In the society of the book "Divergent", when a individual turns 16, he or she have to take a simulation test that shows them what faction they best belong. After they take the test, they can freely choose which faction they want to try out for. At the choosing ceremony, each of the factions are represented by specific colors and materials. This propagandize their factions. As a society we see propaganda all the time. In "Divergent", propaganda is vital to the government. Without it, people could wake up to the terrible conditions their living in. In the book, Tris chooses to be in a faction that values bravery over everything else. At one point she sees a phrase painted on the wall enforcing the governments thoughts on courage. An example of propaganda is Jeanine Matthews' articles: "The mass exodus of the children of Abnegation leaders cannot be ignored or attributed to coincidence. The recent transfer of Beatrice and Caleb Prior, the children of Andrew Prior, calls into question the soundness of Abnegation's values and teachings." Jeanine is the leader of the Erudite, who are the enemies of Abnegation. Her articles include lots of lies about the Abnegation leaders in an attempt to turn the other factions against Abnegation. This propaganda has a very strong effect on Tris, since many of the articles are about her father. Your Assignment You are to create a poster utilizing propaganda in order to encourage other 16 year olds to join your faction. You must:
1. Choose one of the 5 factions in the book. You must include AT LEAST 3 of the types of propaganda that we discussed today.
2. Explain what makes your poster persuasive. Which feelings did you appeal to: guilt, pride, honor, patriotism, shame, etc.? How did you appeal to those feelings?
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