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Client Success Academy - 06-24-2014

No description

Jill Sawatzky

on 24 June 2014

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Transcript of Client Success Academy - 06-24-2014

Why There is a Need
How Far We've Come
We've combined 6+ separate teams into a single Client Success Team!

We've hired 27 CSM’s to reach a current total of 73 CSM's covering 365 accounts worth over $156M ACV.
Tooling and Deliverables
Built a Client Success Dashboard that is being used widely across ICS.

Created a Client Success wiki with significant Client Success Collateral.

Standardized major Client Success Deliverables.
Focus on Client Success
Implementing Acceleration Calls to focus on our most urgent Client Renewals.

Started a Client Success Newsletter to publicize our progress.

Educating our customers on the Client Success Program.
Where We're Going
CSM Academy
Domain Training
Industry Client Success Training

Client Success & Account Plan
CSM Runbook

Client Success Tool - Usage
SalesConnect – Sales Leads
Improved Measurements - KPI's
Establish Ourselves as the Leaders in Client Success in IBM
Collaboration with Renewals, Sales, Services, Support, On-Boarding

Collaboration with Other SWG Brands

Coverage of All SaaS Accounts
What We Need From You
Be Open to New Ideas

Learn As Much As You Can
Domain Knowledge
Network with Peers

Look for Opportunities
Better Ways To Do Things
Better Ways To Collaborate
Better Ways To Help Our Customers
Volunteer for Projects

Be Impatient!
Everything is Awesome, Everything is Cool When You're Part of a Team!
Client Success
A Journey
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