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Christmas Around the World

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alexandra Hargrave

on 17 December 2014

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Transcript of Christmas Around the World

Christmas Around the World
By: Alexandra Hargrave
Social Studies

Christmas is a popular holiday that is enjoyed by many people all around the world. In this presentation you will take a ride to 4 countries, including the U.S.A, to see how others celebrate Christmas in their own way!
In 354 A.D it was arranged for the birth of Jesus Christ to be celebrated on December 25, this was the same day as the birth of Mirtha (invincible sungod.) As people started turning to other gods the popularity of Mirtha decreased. Now the day is celebrated in the name of Jesus Christ.
The Greek celebrate Christmas
throughout a 12 day period. This
period starts on December 25 and ends on January 6. On December 6 the Greek have a feast celebrating St. Nicholas day. The Greek serve the traditional greek meal on December 24: stuffed turkey. They also go caroling on the morning of Christmas Eve, New Years, and January 5. Like most countries, not many, but some Greeks decorate Christmas trees!
On Christmas day, Greeks celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, and the "patron saint of sailors", St. Nicholas. According to Greek tradition, his clothes are drenched with brine, his beard drips of seawater, and his face is covered with perspiration because he has been working hard against the waves to reach sinking ships and rescue them from the angry sea. Greek ships never leave port without some sort of St.Nicholas icon on board.
How the holiday originated
How it is celebrated
Why is it celebrated
Shallow wooden bowls are the major symbols
of Christmas celebrations.
Usually people in Greece don't buy Christmas
While carolling, if children sing well they may be
given money,nuts, sweets, and dry foods to eat.
Over 8 million tourists visit Greece every year.
Some people belive that during the twelve days
of Christmas goblins appear and do mischievous things.

Interesting facts
How did the Holiday Originate
The first official Christmas was celebrated
on December 25, 1788 at Sydney Cove by Reverend Johnson. After the service Arthur Phillips, the Governer, dceided to end the day with a traditional Christmas meal, with a toast to King George III.
How it is celebrated
The preparations begin in early December
when decorations are set up. The usually
decorations are door wreaths, artigicial trees, and nativity scenes. In some cities, and towns
shoping centers have stores where you can come and visit Santa. Some people go to church on Christmas, others stay at home and exchange gifts.
Why it is celebrated

On Christmas, Australians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, they also celebrate Christmas because Australia was founded on Christianity
and Christmas is a Christian holiday.

Intersting Facts
There will never be a white Christmas in
Some Australians celebrate Christmas in
July because of the weather.
A commen Christmas dinner in Australia
is suited with the weather. A nice picnic on the beach or a backyard barbeque!
Christmas sometimes hits 100 degrees in
Christmas in Australia is celebrated in our
Summer months.
How the Holiday Originated
In A.D 240 Emperor Aurelian declared December 25—the solstice on the Julian calendar—as natalis solis invicti ("birth of the invincible sun"), a festival honoring the sun god Mithras. In the third and fourth centuries the church in Rome was in fierce competition with popular Pagon religions. So they decided to make a period where the Romans would feast, paying homage to their gods and marking the
winter solstice.
Why it is Celebrated
Many people in Italy celebrate Christmas
because of the birth of Jesus Christ.
How it is Celebrated
The holiday starts 8 days before Christmas
known as the Nirvena. In the week before Christmas children go from house to house dressed as Sheperds, playing the pipes, singing and reciting Christmas poems.This helps them earn money to buy presents. Some Sheperds bring musical instruments into the villages to play and sing Christmas songs.

Interesting Facts
On december sixth some families celebrate
St.Nicholas day.
On christmas Eve, as in the old Catholic
tradition, often no food is eaten during the day as this is a fast day.
Naughty children get lumps of black sugar
sweets in their stockings.
In Italy, a natvity scene, is usually put up in
churches, town squares, and houses.
Some believe Christmas originated in Italy because of the flags colors.
How the Holiday Originated
Christmas was not widely celebrated in early America. Some believed that since Jesus Christ's birth date was not written in the Bilble then we should not celebrate it, and if we did we encouraged immoral behavior. It was not until the early 19th century that Christmas began to catch on in America.
Why it is Celebrated
Like many people around the world
we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

How it is Celebrated
In America it isn't Christmas until you have a Christmas tree! Many people buy Christmas trees a few weeks before Christmas. We decorate the tree with ornaments, some people use pop-crn strings, others use lights, and some use everything! There really isn't any specific thing that you must have on your tree in America. Some people decorate their houses with lights, reindeer, fake snow, snowman, and many more festive decorations. On Christmas day (December 25) families exchange gifts, eat Christmas dinners, some may go to other families houses to celebrate the day with them! In America there are many different climates. So some people travel to another state to experience different weather on Christmas!
Interesting Facts
In Washington DC a huge tree is lit up with millions of christmas lights when the president presses a button and turns the lights on.
Christmas is not an official holiday in the U.S.A.
The first Christmas Tree retail lot was established 1851, by a Pennsylvanian named Mark Carr.
The first President who set up a Christmas Tree was Franklin Pierce.
By the year 1843 London was producing and selling commercialized Christmas Cards.
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