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Bed Bugs 101

A Primer on Bed Bugs from history and biology to symptoms and helpful tips.

Adam Witt

on 19 April 2012

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Transcript of Bed Bugs 101

The Challenges of Controlling Bed Bugs in Hotels A female bed bug can lay up to 500 eggs in 1 year! Luggage Furniture Upholstery Phones & Other Electronics How can I avoid an infestation? Travel and the purchase of used or second hand furniture and/or bedding are still among the most likely ways to introduce bed bugs. It is far easier to avoid purchasing
used items than it is to eliminate travel. But if you're going to purchase used furniture, be sure to inspect items meticulously for tell tale signs. Know when you are most at risk to encounter bed bugs
Encase mattresses and box springs
Become familiar with what to look for (know the signs & symptoms of bed bugs)
Contact a professional to conduct an inspection if you suspect bed bugs
Key Points for Prevention In a 2011 study, the number of individual hotels with bedbugs has risen 250 percent... since 2010. Travel & Leisure Close - Up (Sep‎tember 12, 2011) Each new guest can mean a new bed bug infestation . . . There is no way to stop bed bugs from being brought into your hotel.
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