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Gummy Bear Blast

No description

Connor Adams

on 10 February 2015

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Transcript of Gummy Bear Blast

Gummy Blast, By Jones Soda
Market Definition
Kids under then age of 11
Television focused (4 PM to 7 PM)
Take advertising claims literally
Frequent malls and public places
Attracted by bright colors
Impulsive buying
Kids love candy
Target Audience
By Connor and Westyn
Product Description
A carbonated soda, "Gummy Blast"
Gummy bear medley
Blue drink
Label filled with color
Bold packaging stands out
Named for children
Gummy Blast vs. The Rest
Premium soda
Unique product, not just another energy drink or cola
Main competitors; Coca-Cola, Monster, Dr. Pepper Snapple Group
Other competitors; Gatorade, Vitamin Water, Various juices, Flavored waters
All have premium drinks
Consumer base is large
Lack interesting and unusual flavours, such as our "Gummy Blast"
Placed in grocery stores and independant retailers
Exploits love of gummy bears

Gummy Blast Distribution
Gummy Blast plays in 16% of the non-alcoholic beverage market
Carbonated soft drinks account for 3.5 Billion Litres of sold beverages
Placed in independent retailers as well as grocey stores
Captialize on shelf space and market share that Jones already has
Distributed by Jones Soda, using existing methods
Gummy Blast will replace the flavours "Fun" and "Fruit Punch Soda"
Marketing Strategies
Coca-Cola and Pepsi combined have 71% of the soft drink market
Only competing in the premium beverage market
Contain less sugar than competitors
Sweetened with Splenda
No Aspartame
Placed on lower shelves and at ends of aisle
Launching promotion - Buy a drink, Get a pack of gummy bears
Backs off of existing Jones website (jonessoda.com)
Bottle Design
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