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LN 4.2 - World War I: A New Kind of War

No description

Jacob Kerber

on 29 April 2015

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Transcript of LN 4.2 - World War I: A New Kind of War

A New Kind of War
World War I is going to be very different from any war before it
LN 4.2 - World War I: A New Kind of War
- deadlock in which neither side is able to defeat the other.
To break the stalemates both sides (Central and Allies) began to attack, aggressively.
New Technologies Make War Deadly
New Technology was used for warfare that had never been seen before.
Machine Guns
Artillery Shells
World At War
Russia was poorly equipped to fight in a modern war, some soldiers didn’t even have rifles,
The Eastern front was dominated by Germans
and it was pushed all the way back to Russia.
Balkan states like Bulgaria joined the central powers to defeat Serbia
World At War
joined the Central Powers in Oct. 1914.
War even erupted in
, The colonies battled one another, drew lines by who they were owned by.
Austrailia and New Zealand even sent troops to aid Britain.
America still remained uninvolved.

German Strategy
Germany wanted to avoid a
two front war
, battling on either side of their country. ---> A disadvantage

Schlieffen Plan
- Crush France fast by going through Belgium and around their forces. Failed

There were two fronts…
Western Front
- in France
Eastern Front
- Started in Germany/Austria and was pushed to Russia.

Knight's Charge - 4/29/15
1. Who got assassinated to "spark" the "
powder keg

2. Explain how the Domino effect helped start World War I.

3. What was the revolutionary group that killed him?

Old Man Kerber's Slang Word of the Day
How was War before WWI?
World War I will be dominated by a strategy called
Trench Warfare
- opposing sides attack and defend from deep trenches with barbed wire and obstacles in between in "No Man's Land"
What recent invention could make this type of warfare very horrific?
What did the Trench "fronts" look like?
Essentially two lines facing against eachother, but with machine guns
So how do you attack?
Due to
Trench Warfare,
there was a
on the Western Front in France.
Territory was gained and lost just meters at a time, and Human Cost was catastrophic
If the order came to go
you charged against the other trench into enemy lines.
Crazy RIGHT?
Big Battles

killed or wounded
Verdun Fr- 500,000 killed or missing
5-month Battle- +1,000,000 killed or missing
Neither side won an advantage after these battles.
Poison Gas (Mustard Gas) and Gas Masks
Trench Warfare
Messenger Dogs
1) a one-two knock out punch
Ex: He came up and started
on me and I hit him with a
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