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Workflow for Scanning Process

No description

Ariana Triesault

on 23 July 2015

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Transcript of Workflow for Scanning Process

Current Mailing Workflow
Industry Best Practice for Document Management
HIM Manager CUC - Sharon Moody
Ideal Document Management:
1 -2 dedicated HIM Specialist per clinic
No interruptions
File diagnostic results/documents within 24 hours
South Austin CommUnity Care
Designated person (MAC)
Office: Away from front desk
Scan as-you-go

Current RightFax Workflow
Current Workflow for Medical Record Requests
Agenda and Objectives
Industry Best Practice Workflow
Short-term Recommended
Objective of Project
Current Problems
Current Document Management Workflow at SEHWC
Mail, Fax, Medical Records Requests
Industry Best Practice for Document Management
HIM Manager Sharon Moody
CommUnityCare South Austin Clinic
Our Recommendations
Short-term Solution Summary and Workflow
Long-term Solution Summary and Workflow
Standard Operating Procedure
References and Acknowledgments
Current Problems
Deleting documents from RightFax after filing
Unnecessary additional steps
Mail is picked up every other day
Need for structured training
Necessary documents?
General Concerns
Bottleneck at MA Front desk
Switching screens for patient check-in
PCP matching with patient
Need to file document in correct patient chart under the correct category (Scanning Index Workflow)
Two patient identifiers (Last Name and DOB, etc.)
Short-term Solution Process Summary
Scheduled Front Desk MA Shifts
Two 2-hour block shifts
10-12 PM, 6-8 PM Monday-Friday
Saturdays - designate 1 hour
Workstation 0704
Desk set up with 2 monitors
NextGen and ICS
Move locked filing cabinet to 0704
Sort based on categories
Training material
Physical drop-box
Follow-up on documents requiring a "wet" signature
Implement ASAP
Mid-late August
Long-term Solution Summary
Hire 1.5 - 2 HIM Specialists
Designated person, Accountability
Scan and File / "Scan-as-you-go"
Office: Away from the Front
Administrative Area
Increasing # of physicians = Increased MA job duties = Need to hire HIM Specialist
Centralizing HIM
Long-term Recommended RightFax Workflow
Medical Record Workflow Redesign for CommUnityCare SEHWC
Summary of Standard
Operating Procedure (SOP)
Establish a standardized procedure for properly completing and electronically filing medical record information and loose reports in a timely manner for medical record completion.

Organize/Sort Documents
Documents Requiring Wet Signature
Electronic Filing into NextGen ICS

Opening Documents
Sorting and Filing Documents

Mary Carmen Aviles
Vanessa Rojas
Ariana Triesault
Doctor’s Office Quality- Information Technology. (2009). A Systems Approach To Operational Redesign-Workbook. Massachusetts: MASSPRO Making an Impact.

Staff at SEHWC
Short-term Recommended Mail Workflow
Recommended MA Front Desk Schedule
Long-term Recommended Mail Workflow
Short-term Recommended RightFax Workflow
Long-term Recommended Requests Workflow
Providing the right care, at the right place, at the right time...

Treating everyone with dignity and respect, and with a smile!

Determine current Medical Records process and compare it to our current medical policy at SEHWC
To optimize workflow and meet organizational policy for sending and receiving medical records

Special thanks to:

- Isaac Pozos - Sharon Moody
- Annail Gutierrez - Mark Steiger
- Elizabeth Marrero - Jessica Johnson
- Jorge Ortez - Margarito Flores
- Maria Garibay - James Perez

And all CommUnityCare faculty and staff for welcoming us!
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