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Gospel According to Larry

No description

Jack Gausselin

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Gospel According to Larry

The Gospel According to Larry By :Janet Tashjian Characters Josh Beth Peter Larry Betagold Katherin Larryfest Hardware store School Woods His House Settings Rising Action Josh starts this program called the Gospel According to Larry. This program lets him express his feelings without everyone knowing it's him typing. His best friend Beth who he likes doesn't even know because he says alittle bit of bad things. Like when she runs off with this jock. He stoped after a day(thats how long they went out). One day he checked and over a million hits were listed. Some were from the band U2 (a very popualar band). Thats where mosts of the hits came from.

Ever since Josh's mom dies he hasn't acted the same. Almost everyday he goes to the salon in the mall where his mom ued to sit all the time and talks to her. The first response he hears thats (her) response. He rembers going to the park doing homework or not wanting to go out side to do mathe problems.

When he writes the Gospel some kind of rip on his step dad who is a major salesman who advertises alot of stuff Josh said. One time he snuck into Peters breifcase and stole information. One day online this person said hes going to find Larry's real name and the persons fake name is Betagold.

I Josh ever wanted to run away from everthing he could go to the woods. Because in there he made a secret hide out. He dug a hole about six feet deep and sits in there doing homework or is online. To him its his peaceful place Climax One day after Larry fest (A concert supporting the Gospel According to Larry site) he heard a knock at the door. A woman he gave his toothbrush to a the concert was there. Behind her in the yard was a ton of reporters. He knew it was Betagold. Then all the reporters came in and asked alot of questions. Falling Action After Josh was exposed for being Larry all he did all day was sit around until the reporters let. Then he would go to his hide out in the woods to play online gaes. One day he was so mad he decided to do a fake suicide so the reporters would stop following him. He got everything ready to go. He went to the bridge, waited for no cars then threw his sweatshir, his shoes, and his baseball hat in. Then got on new snekers, a sweatshirt, and he had glasses, and had already died his hair. After about a minute he saw a car stoped it and told the driver he was out for a run and he saw someone jumped off of the bridge. He tried to stop the person but didn't get to the person in time. Then when the ops came he told them his fake name. They said to keep in touch but he didn't. They had a memorial for Josh the next week and Beth was speaking. He got really sad and said "I'll be back soon Beth". I feel bad for both Beth and Josh becaus they both like eachother but neither know it untill now. I also feel bad for Peter because he had to go through the death of Josh's mom and "Josh." Reactions Major Characters Description Attitude towards conflict Relations with other characters
Josh Smart, likes Beth, and has his own opinions Sad Likes Beth
Beth Likes Josh and is smart Mad Likes Josh
Larry Has a lot of opinions Exposed Is Josh
Peter Buisness guy and nice Angry Josh's step-dad
Katherine Overweight and is nice Disappointed Peters girlfriend
Tracy Hawthorne(Betagold ) Mean and wants to expose Larry Happy Betagold Theme I think the theme of the story is that things wont always go your way so you cant get mad at other people about something that happened to you.
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