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Copy of One Point Perspective

No description

Christine Gerace

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of Copy of One Point Perspective

One-Point Perspective
One-Point Perspective
Components of One-Point Perspective

The simplest method of perspective drawing which uses:
horizon line

a single
vanishing point

vanishing point lines (VP lines)
Vanishing Point
Horizon Line
Horizon Line
The point in linear perspective
at which all imaginary lines
of perspective converge
Is where the sky meets the earth.
The horizon line will always
be at
eye level
VP Lines
Orthogonal lines always
appear to meet at a vanishing
point on the eye level
Rectangular Box

Cool Examples of Drawn
One-Point Perspective
Perugino, Pietro
Giving of the Keys to St. Peter, 1481–82
Seeing Perspective in Our Everyday World
Walking down a tunnel
Walking down a hallway
Is this this picture three-dimensional?
Three-Dimensional: length, width, and height = volume
3) Perspective- refers to the
apparent changes in the size of things

caused by a growing distance to the viewer.
In drawing, it refers to creating the
illusion of space
(3 dimensions) on a flat surface (your picture plane).

What is perspective?
Perspective is a way to make your drawings more realistic.

At the end of the class you should be able to
- Describe why perspective is used
- Identify the horizon line and vanishing points
and know how to use them.
- Be able to draw simple 3D forms
using one point perspective.
Complete the drawing exercises on your worksheet to develop one point perspective drawing skills.

Follow along with the examples on the overhead.

Work with students at your table to check your drawings.
Perspective is used by:
Video game designers
Graphic designers
Landscape designers
to illustrate their ideas
Horizon Line- the line located
at your eye level- where land meets sky.

Eye Level/ View Point- what we see with our
eyes level to the world

Vanishing Point- the point where

parallel lines
converge, located on the
horizon line

VP lines- Also called
orthogonal lines
, always meet at a
vanishing point.

Recap Questions
What are the advantages of drawing in 2 point perspective?
What do we call the line where the Earth meets the sky in our drawing?
What are the imaginary points called where our drawing disappear over this line?
Two point perspective drawings are used by designers to create 3d drawings that match the way we see things in reality.
We use a horizon line and vanishing points to create the effect of distance on objects.
Landscape: What place will you choose to draw?
Project One: Draw your name in block letters in 1 pt perspective. Color with colored pencils, blending colors and showing value.

Project Two: Group 1 pt design. Learn to paint with value.

Project Three: From a selected reference, draw a cityscape or a landscape in 1 pt and paint it showing value.
We are going to learn how to draw the illusion of 3-D on a 2-D surface (your paper).
One-Point perspective:
A version of linear perspective in which there is only one vanishing point in the composition.
2) Perspective drawing was first used during the Renaissance Period.

The Renaissance was a cultural movement that spanned roughly the 14th to the 17th centuries in Europe.
Today many of you see a type of linear perspective used daily in your video games.
Perspective is used to create environments that mimic what you see in real life.
Where is creating perspective used in the real world today?

What professions use perspective drawing/ design?
Halo 4
Architectual Design and Drafting
The History of Perspective in Art
Today's Goals:

Where is the vanishing point located?
So where is the
horizon line
Today's Activity
Future Activities
4) Quick Review of Geometric Terms

Two dimensions: length and width

Three dimensions: length, width, and height/depth = volume

Where else do you
see perspective
in real life?

What is this type of image called?
Visual Arts Vocabulary
1) SPACE refers to the distance
or area between, around, below or within things
in a work of art
An Element of Art
As objects get further away from the viewer they will ____________ in size.
The Evolution of Mario
Very little perscpective shown
One point perspective
Mario Cart- creates a 3 dimensional world
What element of art is two dimensional?

What element of art is three dimensional?
Basic Shapes
Basic Forms
View Point
Where is the vanishing point?
What type of image if this called?
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