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What does it mean to be Fully Present?

No description

Earlham Admissions

on 14 October 2016

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Transcript of What does it mean to be Fully Present?

And it also means Earlham will be Fully Present for you!
Being Fully Present is the best way to move the world forward
To be fully immersed in educational opportunities
To be open to new experiences
To be willing to listen to divergent points of view
To care about the world beyond Earlham's campus
To ask not only "how shall I make a living?" but also "how shall I live?"
9:1 student-faculty ratio
Average class size of 12
Special opportunities for study
Residential campus
Preparation for life beyond Earlham
Student Body Profile
Learning as a Shared Enterprise
Earlham is ranked among the nation's top 10 liberal arts colleges for undergraduate teaching. Here, we discover knowledge together. Our culture of mutual inquiry and discovery produces independent thinkers who confidently imagine and shape their own success. 85% of faculty conduct collaborative research with students.
Working for a just and equitable society is rooted in our Quaker history. Today, our philosophically diverse community advocates enduring ethical principles. Earlham students know that building resilient communities demands putting yourself out there, fostering mutual respect and striving for sustainable solutions.

Caring Beyond Comfort Zones
Nowhere is the world closer than here at Earlham. Domestic students are joined by peers from nearly 80 countries here on campus. 70% study abroad. Our students gain an enriched intellectual framework and the inspiration to explore the world through a rich array of study abroad and international opportunities.

A Worldwide Community
Here, every voice is valued. Our collaborative leadership model is geared to a world where real progress is best achieved when people from varied backgrounds 'row together'. We recognize that astuteness, transparency, and the ability to build consensus are essential qualities for success in the 21st century.
Leadership is More Than a Title
Earlham Outcomes
Among national leaders in postgraduate honors, such as Watson Fellowships and Fulbright award recipients
Among top 2% of all colleges and universities who earn research doctorates
Approximately 90% acceptance rate into medical schools and almost 100% to law schools
Earlham's post-graduation placement rate is 89%
Top 30 schools nationally for percentage of graduates who find meaningful work
One of the nation's top colleges
Top 4% of all colleges and universities
- 2014 Forbes
Last 5 years ranked from 5th - 11th nationally in colleges with a commitment to excellence in undergraduate teaching
- US News and World Report
One of the top 13 colleges for study abroad
- 2014 Best Choice Colleges
"If every college and university sharpened young minds and consciences as effectively as Earlham does, this country would reach utopia. People would tend to live by reason and the Golden Rule, they would vote by their convictions rather than their pocketbooks, and our capitalist society would be a model. But by itself Earlham has made great contributions and it quietly sets the standard." (Loren Pope)
Featured as one of the 40 Colleges That Change Lives
Welcome to the Heart
Initiative for Global Leadership
Multi-disciplinary, immersive, and experiential, preparing and empowering students to address pressing global challenges, informed by a sense of social and ethical responsibility.
GPA: 3.30 to 3.90 (middle 50%)
Class rank: 45% in top 10%; 75% in top 25%
SAT: 1200 to 1350 (middle 50%)
ACT: 26 to 31 (middle 50%)

Fully Prepared to Succeed
Earlham College prepares students for lives of achievement and purpose. As the success of our graduates demonstrates, Earlham excels at preparing students to be agile, reflective, confident leaders who are well prepared to make a positive difference in the world.
Center for Science and Society
Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Center for Social Justice and Responsibility
Note: Earlham is test score optional
Welcome to the Heart
Earlham College
Monday, October 12
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