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siamese cats

No description

Kim Sarrell

on 9 February 2018

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Transcript of siamese cats

Siamese Cats
care of Siamese
bad dental care

not clipping nails

brushing fur

crossed eyes
prezi- jenna sesler
development of the breed
Siamese cats got there name from the region of Siam. today this country is called Thailand. Siamese cats were sacred to the siamese people.
the siamese cat
dry food
-keeps teeth clean

-doesn't spoil

-leave cats in dish
canned food
-feed them twice


-cant leave out for a long time
the Siamese cat continued
-Siamese cats cam live 15 years or longer with proper care.
-should receive vaccination each year
-must visit the vet regularly
- long slender bodies
-short silky coats
-mix of light and dark colored coats
-came from Siam(Thailand)
-brought cats to Europe in the 1800's
-usually have blue eyes
-male 8-10lbs
-female 5-7lbs
-need high quality cat food
-do a good job of grooming themselves
-born with white fur
-playful & intelligent
-vets recommend starting brushing their teeth when they are kittens
plaque can cause decay

scratch up furniture

wont shed

cant compete in cat shows
-good for them
problem and soloution
-cats that live outdoors mi be attacked by other animals, hit by vehicles, or might develop diseases easier.

- make them an inside cat
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