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Graces final project dont touch mc!!!

No description

grace coon

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of Graces final project dont touch mc!!!

My Transition 0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c TRENDS Infinity sign ∞
Lacrosse apparel
Hash-tag # Technology $ INSTAGRAM
$ X-BOX Grace Coon
Mrs. Mahoney
English 7
May 31,2013
Class of 2018 Likes and Dislikes on the transition LIKE:
* Switching Classes
* Different Teachers
*More chalenging
* My own locker

* 3 minutes in betweeen class
* Some classes every other day
* Long class periods News in 2012-2013 ^ The Newtown shooting
^ Boston Bombing
^ Kidnappings
^ Gun control My Transition MY PROGRESS IN ACADEMICS My 7th grade yearbook. Chapter One ME! I am
-Fit I love

-My unicycle
-Bunny hop
- Midfield
-Point guard My Friends Are:

-Alessa Dixe
-Kaleigh Kemp
-Julia Stowell
-Grace Hoey
-Liz Buff
-Lauren Lundrigan
-Elise LaBombard
-Julia Piorkowski
-Lauren Young My family

-Mom (Margaret)
-Dad (Bill)
-Brother (Ryan)
-Brother (Will)
-Sister (Mary-Catherine)
-Myself (Grace) My Favorite Parts
-Pre Algebra
-Modified Lacrosse
- Switching Classes
- Modified Basketball
-Not just one teacher all day everyday My Favorite Parts
-Pre Algebra
-Modified Lacrosse
- Switching Classes
- Modified Basketball
-Not just one teacher all day everyday How have these Impacted the world? These trends/fabs have impacted the world because they are status symbol. People think they HAVE to shop certain places, they HAVE to do certain things, and they Have to act a certain way. HOW HAVE THESE IMPACTED THE WORLD? Q W E R T Y U I O P [ ] A S D F G H J K L ; : ' These have greatly impacted the world in many ways Positive Impacts: *Contact while on the go
*Personal Banking Apps (iphones)
* Speed Negative Impacts: *Texting while driving causes accidents
* Driving while calling causes accidents
*Financial costs *Money*
*Kids are in a bad mood and are grumpy when they use the technology for too long What Do They Say Abut Our World? These technologies...
Americans can be percieved as lazy.

Shows the use of well developed brains to satisfy,entertain and help people and their needs Z X C V B N M , . / ? " < > { } + = ( ) ! @ # $ % ^ & * 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 5-31-2000 Crazy Funny Athletic Energetic WHAT DO THEY SAY ABOUT OUR WORLD? These events... ? *Show this world is beginning to acquire some serious problems. *Gives the U.S a bad reputation *May make people think this country is a terrible place * Could make the U.S a non desirable place to vacation or sight-see Intellegent Entertainment: #HUNGER GAMES
#TAYLOR SWIFT What prompted these developments? I believe that these developments were prompted by:
Intelligent people looking for something to do with all their knowledge.
Other forms of entertainment such as a movie/show/artist have acted as a template for other people/producers to build off of.
A sequel to another show/movie/song
People that are looking to make money. Into the future..... experience: *Get good grades in my schooling career
*Practice every thing I do.
*Bond with family/friends Impact: ^This will allow me to get a job in the future
^Allow me opportunities for bigger & better things in life
^This will allow me to keep a good relationship with the people I love How will your experiences here help influence your future?
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