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New Webster Horizon Middle School Tech. Plan

A technology plan developed for a non-technological school.

Diana Muntean

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of New Webster Horizon Middle School Tech. Plan

Vision, Mission, and Belief Demographics Goals & Objectives Strategies for Students, Teachers and Administration Policies, Procedures, & Guidelines Data Analysis and Network Design Budget, Funding Sources and Accountability Goal 2:
Improve achievement with the use of technology; integrate technology in the classroom.
Provide resources for the existing and emerging curriculum; create an environment for project oriented projects; students will solve everyday problems with technology individually or whole group
Goal 1:
Teachers will have the technological skills that are needed to be facilitators of learning with technology.
Teachers will use various technology tools to deliver instruction.Teachers will use technology for administrative purposes.
Goal 3: Teachers will create an environment where technology will be used to as a teaching tool and problem solving tool.
Students will use technology to solve problems individually and in whole groups.
Teachers will deliver instruction through technology.
Teachers will demonstrate/model the ethical and legal use of technologies. Goal 4:
Professional research materials and development in technology will be available for the faculty and staff to become more proficient with the use of technology.
Teachers will attend relevant technology workshops; teachers will attend conferences at the local, state and national level; teachers will have access to journals and publications on current technology trends. Goal 5:
Technology equipment and resources will be reviewed, evaluated and upgraded.
Schools will be equipped with appropiate/current resources and equipment. Vision Statement
1.To create globally competitive lifelong learners through formative, precise and relevant curriculum which is taught by highly equipped visionary leaders who recognize the importance of engaging a diverse body of students.
2.To provide 21st century resources through responsible and efficient use of funding for both students and staff.
3.To provide a rich technological environment that supports teachers. New Webster Horizon recognizes that a comprehensive knowledge of technology is essential for our students’ successes.
4.To be able to deliver a reliable, secure, and high performing technology environment that maximizes stakeholders’ satisfaction.
Mission Statement
New Webster Horizon Middle School is committed to using technology as the vehicle to empower and teach each student to thrive in a culture of educational excellence. Belief Statement
We believe in:
1.Education of the whole child
2.Personalized educational approaches for each child
3.Safe, motivating and inviting learning environments
4.Parent and community partnerships
5.Economical and efficient operations
6.Data-driven decisions "Students and staff must use appropriate resources to gain access to internet, telecommunications or electronic information. Resources and network should be used responsibly in our school."

New Webster Horizon Middle School is the 5th largest middle school in Webster County in Virginia and ranks 215 in size nationally. Our school grows approximately 25 students per year.

Student Population
African-American 15%
Caucasian 74.4%
Hispanic 8.6%
Asian 2%

Special Area Population
Students receiving Free and Reduced meals 22%
Students who are English Language Learners 10%
Students receiving Special Education Services 16%
Cabarrus County Schools Instructional Technology Plan (2010 April). Retrieved from the Cabarrus County District website: http://www.ccsweb.cabarrus.k12.nc.us/education/sctemp/9fce6c330289947b9dcc5889ce62e5b4/1266633569/Technology_Plan_2008-2011.pdf
Loudoun County Public School Instructional Technology Plan, retrieved elecronically at http://cmsweb1.loudoun.k12.va.us/50930122132143/blank/browse.asp?a=383&BMDRN=2000&BCOB=0&c=65829
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