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Reading Stategies

No description

Mercy Roveri

on 14 October 2013

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Transcript of Reading Stategies

Reading Strategies for "Two Kinds"
Clarify Ideas
When you monitor your reading, you check in with yourself to see if you are understanding.
How to Clarify Ideas
1. Note confusion- Stop reading when the selection is unclear, or confusing, to you.
2. Reread
Go back to see whether you missed something important. Read slowly.
Not Clear: Why does the daughter say she felt as if she had been sent to hell?
Reread: "... my mother told me what my schedule would be for piano lessons..."
3. Read On
Keep Reading: the author may give more information.
Read on: "Why don't you like me the way I am? I'm not a genius! I can't play the piano."
4. Relate to Personal Experience
Use what you know to link ideas and clarify the meaning.
Connection: Being pressured into something you are not is really painful.
Plan and Monitor
Set a Purpose
Find out what plans an ambitious mother has for her daughter.

What problems may arise when one person has ambitions for another?
Make and Confirm Predictions
Do you think the mother will give up her plan to make her daughter a prodigy? Explain.

How do you think the conflict between the mother and daughter will be resolved?

Monitor Comprehension
Retell: What plan does the mother have for her daughter?
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