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EAA Case Study Presentation - TEPL

No description

Caitlin Martin

on 13 February 2014

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Transcript of EAA Case Study Presentation - TEPL

Creating a Student-Centered System of Teaching and Learning
Leveraging Resources to Make Teaching and Learning More

Integrated Teaching and Learning Platform
The Student Experience
Creating a Personalized Learning Path
Class Summary Report
Who Are We?
-The Education Achievement Authority of Michigan (EAA) is a statewide reform district made up of 15 Persistently Low Achieving (PLA) schools

-The mission of the EAA, as a catalyst for change, is to disrupt traditional public schooling to provide a prototype for 21st century teaching and learning
Challenges for the Field of Personalized Learning
Paradigm shift for teachers
Data integration on backside
Leveraging funding: how can we get content to fill gaps rather than entire products?
One-time vs. recurring costs
Blended Professional Development options
My Students!
The Teaching and Learning Platform
Five Pillars Guide the Planning and Execution Across the EAA Schools
1. Students are
grouped by readiness
, and
progress via mastery
, not by age or seat time.

2. Students create and assume
for their respective
personalized learning paths
, and are able to
communicate their progress
relative to their individualized learning goals.

3. Students are allowed to
work at their own pace
using a
blended delivery system
to master rigorous standards aligned to next generation readiness.

4. Students provide
evidence of mastery
through relevant performance tasks and common assessments.

Continuous feedback
is provided to students, teachers, administrators, and parents.
Teacher Professional Development
Disrupting Traditional Public Schooling
Caitlin Martin, Teacher, EAA

Removal of artificial time-based boundaries and bells to increase access to anytime, any place, or any pace learning
Open pods and labs support inquiry and innovation and leverage participation in a wide range of learning opportunities including small group instruction, optional scheduled lectures, collaborative discussions with experts, and technology-enabled performance based learning.
Students can decide when and where they work on each content area, following individualized learning plans.
Platform flexible to instructional delivery - online, blended, traditional. Ability to leverage resources across multiple providers at the learning object and course level, including licenesed, open source, and teacher-created content.
A scalable mastery-based learning model demands an integrated learning platform and blended curriculum at its core.
Digital Library
Curriculum Mapping
Real-Time Analytics
Personalization Collaboration
Supports a robust collection of open sourced, licensed, and teacher-created resources
Learning objects parsed in bite-sized chunks
Digital assets mapped to standards - local, state, Common Core
Curriculum maps directly linked to the digital assets
Dashboards provide data for students, parents, and teachers
Data is provided as a prescriptive newsfeed for immediate application
Integrated planner, profiles, personalized learning plans - with student, teacher, parent communication tools
Peer-to-peer support system
Provides information about engagement/interest
Shows information about time, topic, pace, progress
Badges for leadership, scholarship, character, service, personal milestones
school/class/individual by level/unit/standard
mastered/in progress/not yet attempted
digital portfolio of evidence
Student Progress Page
Teacher Experience: Who's progressing, who's not vs. traditional, linear gradebook
Like students, teachers use:
blended delivery
personalized, continuous instruction
progress based on mastery
virtual and face-to-face learning communities
ability to monitor their own progress
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