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Parts of the Newspaper

No description

Scott Futher

on 15 March 2017

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Transcript of Parts of the Newspaper

Summarizes the news article in a single line. The title of the news story.
Information about the paper: its title, its editors, and its location
The author of the article. Appears before article.
The location from where an article is written. In bold text before article
The first paragraph of a news article.
Contains the 5 W's and catches the
reader's attention
Parts of the Newspaper
A subheading under
the headline
Runs along the top or bottom of a page. Contains the paper's name, date, section and page number.
A description of a photo
A quote pulled out of a story
to attract readers
A column of extra
information about the article's subject
Voice in a News Article
Third person objective: textbook voice, no thoughts or feelings just reporting on events
No: 'I' 'we' 'our' 'you'
No bias or opinion
Layout of a News Article
Inverted triangle: important information at the beginning (lead), followed by supporting and general details
KW Record | Local News | Wed. Feb. 27, 2013 | A6
Grumpy Cat is the new villain in Iron Man 3
The Lead - the most critical and newsworthy information. Contains 5Ws. Usually one-two paragraphs
Body - helpful, but not critical info. Contains additional facts, statistics, quotations/interviews, and details in order of importance. Middle paragraphs are
short and number ranges
depending on article.
Least important info,
unnecessary to the understanding of the story. Answers "What's
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