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Introverts: Road map for Success

No description

on 20 August 2014

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Transcript of Introverts: Road map for Success

The Introvert’s Road Map for College Success
Today's Conversation
People We know
Definitions: shyness, introverts, extroverts
College and introverts
Recommendations for college success
Approximately one-third to one-half of the population is introverted
Introverts influence civil rights, science, culture and politics
Introverts create magic on film and TV
Douglas Conant
Former CEO of Campbell Soup
Steve Wozniak
Co-Founder of Apple
Marissa Mayer
Yahoo CEO
Brenda Barnes
Chairman and CEO of Sara Lee
Introverts lead and create major companies
Shyness stems from a fear of social judgement. (Cain, Susan)
Shy- A manner that shows discomfort or a lack of confidence in association with others (dictionary definition)
Introversion vs Extroversion
How people respond to stimulation

Extroverts crave large amounts of stimulation where introverts feel at their most alive and their most switched-on and their most capable when they are in quieter, more low-key environments
Natural tendency towards independent focus

Introverts prefer working independently and are able to focus in quiet, which are the keys to idea development and productivity. These skills are how introverts thrive.

Reflective, introspective and great listeners

Introverts thrive on deep, meaningful conversations which often create meaningful relationships. We often see introvert-extrovert couples, leaders/employee relationships and friendships. Introverts make great listeners and usually avoid small talk opting for deep conversations. Introverts seek additional information and reflect on their "inner self".
Individual Superpower
Creative and Innovative

Introverts prefer to work independently and solitude is often a catalyst to innovation. "Hence leadership does not only apply in social situations, but also occurs in more solitary situations such as developing new techniques in the arts, creating new philosophies, writing profound books and making scientific breakthroughs" (Cain, 78).
Introvert Characteristics

Research shows that introverted leaders are more likely to let employees run with ideas. They are inclined to listen to others, hear suggestions, and implement them.

Recommendations for Success
Don't get involved in everything but get involved in

Carve out quiet time

Stop the madness for group work
Practice extroverted skills
Don't get involved in everything, but get involved in

Join a club, join a sorority, participate in ASWSU, attend hall meetings, attend this event.
Don't be overly involved, but get actively involved in something that motivates you
Know your limits
It's okay to say no
Carve out quiet time
* What is your favorite thing to do alone?

I love to do to puzzles, read, walk, bake, and cook. Remember what you love and use that to recharge from busy extroverted activities.
Stop the madness for group work
Re-think our approach to group work

Finding symbiotic introvert-extrovert relationships

Embrace group work as an opportunity

Prepare for group project days
Who is the introvert?
Practice Extroverted Skills
Developing and practice extroverted skills will help you share your knowledge and strengths which could have a major impact.

Write it down
What extroverted skill do you want to practice?

Tip: Combine what you are passionate about with extrovert tasks. Interested in becoming a writer, join a book club? Interested in traveling abroad, connect with an international student from that country to learn more.
What activities drain you? What activities recharge you? What days do you have the most extroverted or introverted activities?

Tip: Balance is the key, pick your extroverted tasks wisely.
Write a list of questions
Research tips
Connect with friends with these skills
Write your key points
Meet with people prior to meetings or events
Hone Your Skills
Read Books
Connect with people to learn more
Take classes that teach skills
Attend lectures or workshops
Watch TED talks
Meet with faculty, club presidents, advisors

Give a speech to a friend
Share your ideas with a member of the student club
Record yourself
Cortisol is the hormone the body creates when responding to stress. Cortisol levels are typically highest for humans in the morning and you are naturally less stressed later in the day.

Plan extroverted activities later in the day if you can.

Reduce cortisol levels naturally
Go to sleep early
Chew gum

Social Media and the Internet
Final Thoughts
Susan Cain's Advice

Amber's Advise
Celebrate your introversion
Research and Learn
Your thoughts and questions
College and Introverts
Success= Being really involved and constantly being around people

Challenges I faced

What challenges have you experienced now?
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