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Remember The Titans

MGS 4420-010 April 4, 2013

Karimah Mahdiyyah

on 4 April 2013

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Transcript of Remember The Titans

Outline Topics Leadership Traits Ethics& Values T
s Organizational Culture Leadership Traits Coach Herman Boone Coach Boone displayed a combination of dominance and high energy as it pertains to leadership styles depending on the situation at hand.
Boone’s football team did not have to guess at how his legitimate power as coach would impact the camp training. He announced that his method of training was a “dictatorship.”
Coach Boone's need for power was indicative to display as it was imperative for the community, faculty, and team to understand who made to decisions of what steps and training the team was to take going forward. Julius Campbell
Julius was the model for the Black players
He proved himself as an emergent leader when he stands up to Gerry and tells he will never know his teammates unless he wants to and that "attitude reflects leadership" Gerry Bertier Leadership Traits Leadership Traits Teams •Coach Boone uses his creativity to form a cross-functional team from a diverse group of people with cultural differences
•In the forming stage, Coach Boone clearly presented the roles, responsibilities, and consequences of the team members
Coach Boone made it clear in the beginning saying, “this is a dictatorship, I am the law”
The team was instructed how to dress and what time to be at the bus and if they failed to do this, they would not make the team. Teams • Ultimate team goal is achieved:

• The Titans win the State Championship beating all odds.

 Through all the racial tension, Coaches and players overcame their obstacles, built quality relationships, established commitment that shared a common purpose • The power of culture was one of the driving forces behind the Titans' success
• The team established internal unity by respecting each other and learning to play football like men
• Through external adaptation, the Titans taught the city how to trust the soul of a man rather than the look of a man Organizational Culture •Gerry was the “All American” player and had the need for affiliation from his teammates and his community.
•Gerry attempted to instruct Coach Boone on what plays to run, what position to play, and what player to play and when to play them
•He stated to Boone, “we don’t need any of your people.” Ethics and Value Ethic Codes was a shown throughout the movie in many ways. Ethics next to values are the two most important traits in the movie. Ethics was shown by a number of characters in the movie.Gary cuts a player (his best friend) when he knows that player was purposefully hurting the team
Coach Yoast jeopardizing his own admittance to the Hall of Fame Organizational Culture • Coach Boone had a major role in influencing the culture

• The team went to camp to adjust to his style of training and coaching.
This aligned with his strategy and structure to the culture he wanted to achieve within the team

• The symbolic action Coach Boone employed was taking the team to the Battle of Gettysburg site

 He explained to them that hatred is not the behavior he expects them to model Ethics and Value Values are also important factors throughout the movie; both Coaches shows their values through symbolic actions.
Coach Boone offers Coach Yoast another position, after taking his old position as head coach.
Coach Yoast tells Coach Boone that he was indeed the right man for the job. Summary and Conclusion Name two main leaders mentioned in the presentation 1.Coach Boone
2. Coach Yoast
3. Gerry Bertier
4. Juluis Campbell Name one of the outline topics covered in our presentation Leadership Traits
Ethics and Values
Organization Culture What are the two leadership styles that we said Coach Boone displayed in this movie? Coach Boone displayed a combination of dominance and high energy as it pertains to leadership styles.
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