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Paintball Science Project

Paintball Rocks!!!!!!!!

Christian Tucker

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of Paintball Science Project

Paintball Paintball Facts Paintball -Developed in the 1980s, and eventually became popular worldwide.
-Most games are played outdoors in paintball fields.
-Most people play paintball in teams.
-The paintball industry brought in an estimated $700 million in 1999. -Invented by Charles Gaines.
-Paint guns were originally used for marking cattle.
-Companies that made paintballs made over 3 billion of them by 1999
-Paintballs are shot from airguns that are powered by CO2. Charles Gaines -Basic gear and guns are required to play the activity.

-Tournaments known as Paintball Tournaments have been played since the early 1980's.

There are 3 leagues to paintball.
-Semi Professional
-Regional -To store your paintballs during a game you must put them into the hopper and let it dispense them into the gun.

-The only Company that makes a paint grenade in Tippmann.

-The number 1 rule of paintball is to never remove your goggles.

-There are 4 types of paintball
-Scenario Paintball
-Tournaments Bibliography "Paintball." How Products Are Made. 2001. Retrieved December 09, 2012 from Encyclopedia.com








PainballX3 Magazine

Action Pursuit Games Magazine -There are 3 Tournament formats
-Capture the flag
-When a player in the game is eliminated he must throw his hands up in order to warn the alive players that he is done.
-When going out of the field,all players are required to put a barrel sock on the barrel of their gun.
-Paintball used to be a hardcore sport that was filmed and played on ESPN,
but because of the economy being low
they dropped it and it is now watched
on the internet. -Most playing fields
make players use their paint instead of using their own for safety precautions.
-The legal limit at fields is for a paintball to go 300 fps. This means the paintball is going about 200 mph. QUIZ!!!!!!!!!! #1 Who invented Paintball? #2 What are the 3 leagues of paintball? #3 What are the 4 types of paintball? #4 The only company that makes a paint grenade is who? #5 When eliminated you must do what to make sure you are no shot again? The End!!!!!!
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