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Once Upon A Time...

No description

Angela Wheeler

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of Once Upon A Time...

Once Upon A Time...
In the far away kingdom of Lalaland, there was a royal family made up of a King, a Queen, and one sole heir to the throne.
The King and Queen's only wish was to have their son rule the kingdom with a beautiful princess by his side.
Prince Jacob, however, had no intention of settling down any time soon. His nights were filled with endless partying and frivolous flirtation.
In the common part of the kingdom, lived the lonely peasant Jane. She lived an average life with her commonly- divorced father.
Jane was naturally beautiful, but she was an outcast among her peers. Her best friend was her lazy cat named Fat Louie. He was always by her side.
On one sunny morning, the sound of trumpets blaring and hooves beating on the cobblestone echoed throughout the village below the castle.
The Royal Steward, dressed in his usual attire, announced the King and Queen's decree that would put the entire kingdom in a frenzy.
The King & Queen's Decree
His parents were outraged by his careless behavior and banished him to the solitary Tower of Doom, where he would be alone until the day he finally found true love.
All the girls in the kingdom rushed in their high heels and gaudy dresses to the village square, where the first challenge was to be held.
When they got to the other side, the Royal Steward began to explain the second challenge. "This one is going to be difficult," he said looking at each of the girls who were standing before him.
Hundreds of girls lined up in the village square , eagerly awaiting the first challenge. The royal steward led the girls down to the riverbank on the outskirts of the village. He explained to the maidens that their first task was to swim across the raging river.
Many of the maidens looked very confused.
Half of the them turned around as soon
as he mentioned swimming, for they
did not want to meet their true love
looking like a wet mess. Many of the
girls did not even know how to swim
because it was considered a peasant
skill. Jane and thirty-seven other girls
successfully swam across the river.
Jane,however, was home doing her daily chores. She turned to see her father curiously looking at her. 'Why aren't you going to the village square with all the other maidens?" he asked. Jane replies, '"I do not need a competition to find love.The whole thing seems petty." 'But the broken-hearted look on her father's face persuaded her to go. So with Fat Louie behind her, she took off to the village square.
''All loyal subjects of his Royal Majesty are hereby notified by royal proclamation that in regard to Prince Jacob, it is upon this day decreed that there are to be three challenges. The Maiden to defeat all three challenges is the one and only true love of his Royal Highness, our noble Prince. And said Royal Highness will humbly request the hand of said maiden in marriage to rule with him over all the land as Royal Princess and future Queen."
He led the maidens further into the woods, where the second challenge awaited them. The girls could hear the flapping of heavy wings, and could feel the ground shake as they approached their second challenge... a dragon. Terrified looks filled the faces of every girl, except Jane. She seemed to be bored by the whole thing and looked around for Fat Louie.
Their second challenge was to get past the giant, fire-breathing dragon. Some girls tried to run past it, only angering the beast. Others threw rocks at it, trying to make the dragon move. But Jane did something completely different from all the girls, she walked right up to the dragon, pet it's scaly head lovingly, and walked right past it to join the Royal Steward.
Only seven girls moved on to the third, and final challenge. This challenge would be more difficult than any before. Only Prince Jacob's one true love would be able to complete this dangerous task. Each of the seven girls remaining would have to attempt to climb the Tower of Doom to reach Prince Jacob at the top. The loose vines hanging down from the tower were their only way of reaching the top.
One by one, the hopeful maidens approached the death trap in front of them. Each of them took a vine in their hand and began to climb. Three girls who were afraid of heights didn't make it more than a foot of the ground before bursting into tears and going to join the girls who had failed the other challenges. Four girls were left in the contest for Prince Jacob's love. Jane was halfway up the Tower when she heard purring from down below. She looked down to see Fat Louie staring straight up at her and nodding his head as if to say "Follow me."
Fat Louie began to walk towards the back of the tower, and Jane followed, inching her way to the back. The sneaky cat stopped, and Jane looked up to see a handsome young man on the balcony. "Excuse me, sir? Could you maybe help me up?" she yelled. Prince Jacob was taken aback as he looked down at the beautiful girl struggling to climb up the side of his tower. He didn't know what to say to this stranger scaling the walls of the tower. Who was she? Why was she here? But now was not the time for questions because Jane was losing her grip.
Much to Jane's surprise, she and Jacob fell completely in love. Almost immediately after Jane completed the third challenge, a Royal Wedding was in order. Prince Jacob left behind his life alone in the Tower of Doom, and happily married his one true love.
The King and Queen finally got their wish. Prince Jacob was ready to take over the throne with his beautiful Princess Jane by his side.
And they lived Happily Ever After.
The End.
Prince Jacob rushed inside and grabbed all the sheets he could find. He tied them together as tightly as he could, and threw the makeshift rope to the struggling maiden. Jane grabbed onto the sheets, and Prince Jacob hoisted her up. Finally, they met face to face. Jane looked into the Prince's dreamy eyes and said ,"I'm Jane." "I'm Jacob," he replied. Jane seemed to take his breath away, and it felt like love at first sight.
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