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Immigrants, Emigrants, Nativists, and the Know-Nothing Party

Summary of Immigrants, Emigrants, Nativists, and the Know- Nothing Party. Circle Graph on Imigrations to the US.

Jessica Mittmann

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Immigrants, Emigrants, Nativists, and the Know-Nothing Party

Immigrants Emigrants Nativists The Know-Nothing Party Someone who comes out of their country to live in another country. Someone who leaves their
country to settle in another. A person who doesn't trust or
like immigrants. A party that was made up of nativists who formed a party in the hopes of getting what they wanted: they wanted immigrants gone! When a member was asked about they groups activities they were supposed to reply, " I know nothing." Immigration to the US from 1820-1920 Famous Immigrants to America: Albert Einstien Pamela Anderson Arnald Schwarzenegger Alex Trebek The End! Group 5
Immigrants, Emigrants,
Nativists and the Know Nothing Party
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